Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatchoo Talkin’ Bout, Lamebook?

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  1. twitter told me, man. then my co-worker told me the different strokes joke.

    and while, yeah, it was terrible, it was still a little funny. it can be both you know. one of those “hahahahawwwwh” moments.

  2. @king Charles
    The full name is Kwelisha Rafonda Aquesha Bene’. I’m also white. More amazement?

  3. I think I would make jokes like this because I make jokes to stop things getting awkward or sad or whatever, but then to me these just seem weird. Because it seems like there is no reason to it. Just a guy dies and so everyone just brings out the jokes. There is no reason to that. And it’s not like it’s so in your life that it’s so sad you’re trying to deal with it through humour. It’s just ‘a guy died, what jokes do we know about him?’

  4. But I swear, if I had heard another ‘they’re melting Michael Jackson down…’ joke on the days after his death, I would have fucking nutted someone. Not because it was insensitive (though it was) but because I was fucking sick of them. I’d have taken a ‘get to the kitchen and make me a sammich’ joke if it would have shut the rest of them up.

  5. My apologies @42. What I should have said was fuckmustard, the number one name in respect for others and interpersonal ethics.

  6. The persons real name is Robert Danger Notman if you want to see the post on facebook.

  7. I don’t get why people say this is too soon…To be honest, his whole life’s been a big punchline. We shouldn’t stop laughing just because he died.

  8. *sigh*
    I consider some jokes about the dead disrespectful. But people have been saying Gary Coleman was short since he was born, and I’ve heard “What you talkin’ bout Willis?” so many times I dream it. So really the only thing that’s new is that Gary Coleman is dead now. It’s sad but we all die someday.

    I personally hope that when I die all of my friends/family burn my body, scatter the ashes on a huge bonfire (it would just smell gross if they burned my body on the bonfire), get trashed, and sit around telling jokes about me for however long they feel is necessary. I would rather they’re sitting around laughing about me then being miserable.

  9. Paranoid Android

    The way that people react after someone dies varies from person to person; some are sad, some are angry, some make jokes, I guess it’s just different strokes for different folks.

    “Apparently Gary Coleman had been at death’s door for quite some time before he died.

    Poor little fucker just couldn’t reach the handle.”

    Thanks Sickapedia for helping me through these dark days for entertainment industry.

  10. I wasn’t talking about the internet memes (I’m a farker, too).

    It’s just that I’m sure there is at least one person who legitimately confuses Gary Coleman and Michael Jackson (the black version, anyway), and that blows my mind.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any Dennis Hopper jokes yet, considering the crowd I run with.

  11. Tall people are just short peoples slaves…..Can you get me that?
    I can’t reach that…and so on.

  12. To hell with the crappy jokes. I want my FB to say “‘x number’ shots o’ rum ago”

  13. @BabyRacer – go to your account settings and change your language to ‘English Pirate’

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