Friday, January 8, 2010

Bad News


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  1. is he dead or what?

    btw first 😀

  2. I think the truth here is that Shaaketa doesn’t drink enough.

  3. It looks like he just laid down on it. If he ran into it and fell on top, the dispenser would be on its back, no?

    However lame, it is not funny or interesting.

  4. seriously, how did he knock this over? was it on purpose?

  5. Her drunken ex passes out in public and all she takes is his picture? No, honey, you’re supposed to take his PANTS!

  6. I like turtles.

  7. So many goblins names…

  8. @superdoopie

    I think he’s just playing the Lying Down Game.

  9. My guess is that he was sober, but the effort of trying to read the newspaper caused a drop in blood pressure which causes him to pass out…

  10. I think he is making sweet love to that machine… Get a room

  11. oh yeah. he’s definitely trying to give that paper machine the sugar bang-bang.

  12. Ya this is the lying down game.

  13. Oh, sup Montreal.

  14. Ungh, hump that box.

  15. He thinks he’s 69ing with Shaaketa, but even he wonders why she’s so cold.

  16. I would have guessed she broke up with him because he was wearing her shoes.

  17. @Aucella, #5 – A woman after my own heart!
    Drunken pass out = missing pants.

  18. Antarctic Circle

    A guy with 13 personalities – mostly girl personalities, I see. He has problems.

  19. I’m just wondering where the hell the twelve other people are in this photo.

  20. nice names… hahahahhaa

  21. Definitely the lying down game. So not really that lame

  22. that shaaketa chick is a liar

  23. Holy Shakeeta.

  24. What a silly negro

  25. I think he drinks to PREVENT listening to her.

  26. Christ on a cracker

    LMFAO @ 24

  27. Shaaketa? Shaazam!

  28. I think the real story here is all those names….

  29. @els9874, I worked in the most ghetto part of town and I swear that genetic-offspring-producers (because they sure don’t rate as parents) sit there and try to throw out different sounds to make names. One unfortunate little bastard was named Treveonte.

  30. Who the fuck names their kid Troycarra? It sounds like one of those bullshit new age Pokemon. You know, the ones that look like geology.

  31. LOLOL!!! ridiculous!

  32. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    I’ll bet Aquanetta was pissed that she didn’t get tagged in this photo.

  33. Shaaketa? Shaazam! hahaha love that

  34. I really don’t see what the fuck the problem is here – this guy’s a fucking hero.

  35. This man looks like my soul mate.

  36. This man looks like my soul mate, or at the very least my best friend.

  37. The names tagged in this photo are the names of each of his braids.

  38. I wonder if he’s braiding any more hair with that hand he’s got down his trousers.

  39. I’d drink too much if my woman was named Shaakeeta too. LMAO!

  40. If he is fucking that machine, he’s likely to turn all the newspapers inside into a mass of slushy cum pulp.

  41. worst_episode_ever

    she tagged all their friends to make sure they’d all see the photo.. BITCH

  42. ElliefcknHardingx

    He’s got his winky in the letter box 🙂

  43. Caramel_Princess

    Omg, all the nigga names. Blaaahhhh!

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