Friday, January 8, 2010

FANtastic Friday








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  1. lies! Sticking your tounge out is damn sexy (this message brought to you by KISS)

  2. @poopcalculator, thanks for not saying “First!”

  3. Congrats to kerri if her mum is on facebook…


  5. I think I will be joining a couple of these…

  6. @TommySkate -… It’s bad enough that you failed the first time… This is what we call an Epic Fail.

  7. …Part Deux

  8. dear, dear Tommy. Definitely.

  9. TommyTwoTurdsSkate

  10. Trolls will go away when they’re ignored, people.

  11. @Antarctic Circle – Before we can allow an idgit to turn around and look down to the floor as it hides in it’s dark corner of shame, I find it necessary to try my best to fully extricate the raw, unfiltered dumb-shitted-ness of any individual so that they can be fully exposed to the public as to what they really are… *special*.:)

  12. @Mnic even though you specialize in criticizing me for my responses being convoluted and yet you managed some pretty impressive rambling, i can’t help that after picking through your vomitous mass of a paragraph and found a few chunks worth flinging myself.

    @ Antarctic Circle Mnic is correct, you’re retarded.

  13. haha he makes fun of vampires and his name is Edward. Funny.

  14. The guy from I’m Pretty Sure You Aren’t A Car is named Carl. HA HA.

  15. @Adamn -What? …I wasn’t calling Antractic Circle retarded… I was calling TommySkate retarded. You’re still a douche… and you’re retarded:)

  16. @Mnic Sorry, it was just so damn convoluted and long i can’t help but start daydreaming half way through it so i apologize if i missed the main point of that comatose inducing blather of yours.

    @ Antarctic Circle you’re still retarded. 🙂

  17. @Adamn -Have you ever read a book? If one paragraph gets you sleeping, then I’m having a hard time imagining you finishing elementary… which explains a lot. After our first little debate, however long ago that was, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were spell-checking all your comments… right? Right?

  18. @Mnic Forgive me if i don’t use you as a writing critic since anything you put on a page could be prescribed by a doctor as a sleep aid.

    And since you are a man of small intellect i don’t expect you to remember the many typo revisions i’ve admittedly posted which proves that i am far too lazy to ever use a spell-check.

    Btw kudos on returning to form as a grammar nazi, well done.

  19. @Adamn -Dude, I never mentioned anything about your grammar. I’m a spelling nazi, not a grammar nazi. Regardless, say whatever you want, you’re still my bitch;)

  20. @Mnic Till the night closes in

  21. Why is the “Tiger Wood” one on here? The misspelling is clearly deliberate in order to try to make the pun work.

  22. @ #5

    Yea, back in my day, vampires were seductive and didn’t hold back when it came to animosity either… They weren’t pansy, whiny bitches who were neutered or brought down by impotence caused by “love.”

  23. I laughed.

    A bit.

  24. MNic vs Adamn

    Worst fight ever.

    These are good, but what we really want from lamebook are the ones where we can click more. Nothing better than having a story unfold.

  25. @ 24
    I’d be interested to know what’s between those two, it must go back before my time

  26. @ wordpervert

    Nothing between them but a thin, thin sheath.

  27. Twenty-seventh, bitches!!!!

  28. @Adamn – You say grammar nazi like it’s a bad thing. You don’t even know me!! 😉

  29. lol the vampire one was hilarious

  30. these photos are WIN. especially the vampire ones. and its funny that “edward” was the name. Finally we’re getting funnier groups again

  31. Adamn, I beg of you, please stop being so boring when calling other people boring. Your attempts at humour and comebacks are the dullest and most painful things I’ve ever read.

  32. Yeah Kerri’s isn’t real. I know as it’s me, and this is my friends idea of a joke. Wonderful.

  33. it’s a pretty funny joke.

  34. @PvTucker (14): I noticed that and laughed quite a bit.

  35. the most ironic part, is that the “vampire” thing group is named edward

  36. @barttools

    That’s the entire joke.

  37. @wordpervert -My confrontations with Adamn started a long time ago when I saw that he had posted a paragraph strictly to make fun of a user by the login name of Kiwi. The ironic part was that he was making fun of Kiwi for spelling something wrong and had, in doing so, made spelling errors of his own. Naturally, I had to inform him of his error. Because of those posts, we were at opposing sides for quite a while. At some points, we agree. However, at most points, we can all determine that he’s still a douche.

  38. @ Mnic And of course i couldn’t allow someone who has the understanding of a 3 year old girl with piss soaked huggies to speak from a position of superiority, as he so often enjoys.

    My conscience wouldn’t allow it.

    Speaking of which, @ Marc why would i want to stop causing you pain? As a little British wanker your opinions and suggestions are invalid, now continue buggering yer mum.

  39. @Adamn -Did I say you could type?… Your hands should be busy right now.

  40. Adamn, you’re doing very little but making a complete embarrassment of yourself. I like how your ignorance extends to thinking everyone who doesn’t spell words the American way is British, though. That’s pretty much the opposite side of the world to me :).

    Oh, and nobody cares what you think. Literally no one at all. Your opinions and suggestions are invalid on the grounds that you’re a blithering idiot, and being racist just proves it (although, in fairness, you didn’t have much to lose…) :).

  41. @Adamn—okay peep this: you read like a smart-ass 17-year-old boy who has never touch a naked pair of tits. I picture you siting in your daddy’s La-Z-Boy wearing his robe and sucking on an unlit pipe attempting to emulate big people speak.

    So cute. Then the whole British, wanker, bugger, mum thingy was just precious. That righ there was all the movies containing British references you have ever watched. Since I picture you as a shut-in, homeshooled or something, I guess it ranges from Oliver! to Bridget Jones’ Diary. Tee Hee.

    Why anyone engages you is beyond me. Then again, I could also have the “understanding of a 3 year old”…HA!

  42. Aaah, the comments are so much better than the pics themselves.
    I feel like I should be getting some popcorn.

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