Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Winnin’

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  1. Poongobbler? Nice password.

  2. #1, stupid, old as fuck and fake… seriously… the only person it fooled had an embarrassing password. What. The. Fuck. Are. The. Chances. I’d say about the same as some family with a phone number one off from a pizza place actually taking orders from people and passing them onto the pizza place.

    #3, well at least it isn’t some stupid christian joke.

  3. Stubbyholder … What do you mean embarrassing?! Whaaaaaaaaaat you saying hmm

  4. All three of you have disgusting names, I’m guessing you are all pirates.

  5. Arrrr! Ye be correct, matey. Now swab the decks or it’s off to Davey Jones’ Locker with ye.

  6. First one did not happen!

  7. ^Oh, it did happen. And Chitundu Simpanya liked the shit out of it, too.

  8. LOL @ #4

  9. Quite the dumb bitch aren’t you, MsAnne?

  10. ^you really wanna go down that road? How about we skip straight to the end where I hand your ass to you on a plate and, humiliated online, you change your username and spend your days hating me quietly?

  11. POW! Right in the kisser! POW! Right in the kisser! POW!!….

  12. Or I could go on harassing you till you change your id in fear and/or pure disgust. Yes, creepy is the appropriate word here.

  13. ^bring it, bitch.

  14. fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight fight

  15. Is anybody taking bets?

  16. I LoL at #11. But ill go 10to on freddy

  17. My money is on Anne.

  18. I’ll have to handicap myself to make it fair. I’ll tie half my brain behind my back and type with my face.

  19. Chuck Norris does that. You, on the other hand, can’t pull it off.

  20. Go freddy2! Rip MsAss’s lips off and kiss your ass with them shit. Rip HIS tongue off and lick your balls with them shit.

  21. Freddy, will u leave after she mindfucks you ?

  22. Stop playing with your food, MsAnne… Actually, what am I thinking by saying that? Carry on. Bring me a scalp.

  23. I want the toes… I mean if we’re calling body parts

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