Monday, January 16, 2012

All Types of Terrible

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  1. What is ORU?
    It should be noted that many homeschoolers largely teach themselves from books, so the mother’s poor spelling would not necessarily be much of an influence upon them.


  3. ORU = Oral Roberts University.

  4. butterscotchcandy

    Why is Stephanie correcting “like”?

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “the world would be like with no dumb people”

  6. In some varieties of English, ‘how do you think the world would be like without…’ probably makes grammatical sense, but in mine it was fine to begin with.

    “How do you think the world would be without…” is perfectly fine, if you ignore his spelling/punctuation issues.

    We only need ‘like’ if the sentence is ‘WHAT do you think the world would be like without…’

  7. @missmelbourne

    I was going to say pretty much the exact same thing. Corrected it still makes sense as;

    How do you think the world would be with no dumb people?

    This is still grammatically correct.

  8. i no chk rede lynes or capatal or kare

  9. One would think the name Oral would be a nickname one earns after being good at a certain something.

  10. And also, it should be noted that some women can “come”, too.

  11. and those women are good at laundry….

  12. female ejaculation is a myth.

  13. Yes msanne, it is at your age. Leave us younger people to talk

  14. ^no thanks. there’s enough uneducated, uniformed and uninteresting shit in the world without listening to any more of the mind-numbing garbage you foetuses seem to spew out at random.

  15. I have personal experience that says otherwise, MsAnne. It may have never happened with you, which is a bummer.

  16. ^i have personal experience with MsAnne’s mom.
    Who, incidentally is so smoking hot. Probably the reason why msanne, being tragically overshadowed, turned violent and misanthropic in the first place. But, i digress. That’s another story entirely.

  17. That was urine, beatus.

  18. My comment is awaiting moderation, so I’ll just repeat what I said without the link:

    You’re wrong, Dan. It was mustard. Fuckmustard to be precise.

  19. Urine? Bullshit. I want a clinical study, goddammit.

  20. Female ejaculation is most definitely not a myth. I’m tickled that MsAnne has never known the joy.

  21. ^errr.. my orgasms are fine, thanks. And it isn’t weird at all that you should should be concerned with them. Uh-uh.

  22. Okay, so I found some studies, and no fucking surprise, the jury is still out on the composition and nature of female ejaculate.

    Imma go with the non-urine group though, because it doesn’t smell, look or feel like urine, no matter how dehydrated the chick is. Which doesn’t mean that I know enough about the phenomenon yet to hypothesise on where the…amrita…is stored, or whether it is only expelled from the urethra. But there you go; my two cents.

    On a side note, using methylene blue to track orgasmic expulsions is hilarious. It reminded me of the sanitary pad commercials with the sphagnum core, back before you could say “period” on the television or show an actual pad in its entirety. Thank you, EG Belzer.

  23. ^ I read the studies, too. =)
    I just wanted to state an unequivocal, indefensible position because a)I was bored; and b)I wanted to get the ball rolling on a wondrous online debate full of self-reported anecdotes from chicks who should be doing their kegels.

  24. Those kegel balls are the bomb. Every little chime makes me smile.

  25. Yeah, okay MsAnne, you’ve just proven once and for all that you are actually a guy. Pity……feel sorry for you. And FYI, though you’ve obviously never made it happen, girls can squirt quite as far as men can…..when they’ve been properly excited. Pity…as I said….

  26. ^you need to ratchet back the sucking.

  27. *searches boxes for Memoirs of a Gusher*

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