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  1. …that was dumb on so many levels…first of all…as many of you more intelligent people know…genes dont frickin pass that way! gawd that made me die a little inside! bacteria passes that way for sure, but genes arent the same! BEING GAY ISNT SPREAD LIKE A FUCKIN COLD YOU CLOSED MINDED SON OF A BITCH! and yes you are born being gay, or other species wouldnt be gay. that point aside, this guy is too dumb to function and i am a tad surprised he figured out how to make a facebook, let alone post a status

  2. He was the one saying gay genes didn’t exist.

  3. ::sneeze:: i just made you all awesome, youre welcome

  4. Y thank you, i knew i was missing somehting in my life

  5. Ali G anyone?

  6. Well this guys a douchebag for several reasons.. apart from the obvious (contagious?) the problem with a gay gene theory is that MOST GAYS DONT REPRODUCE!!!!

  7. @#56, That just goes to show you dont know anything about genetics or homosexuality. Many genetic diseases exist that kill people before they can have children, yet they still persist. Many gays also reproduce, through IVF or surrogacy as well. The thought is that homosexuality evolved in humans as a recessive trait that is carried in families, therefore, many people carry the trait, but not all express the phenotype(homosexuality). It is believed that this evolved because it was beneficial to the society as it produced caregivers who would not be interested in producing any more offspring, that way they could care for the children if the mother were to die in childbirth. If you look at it this way, the idea of a gay gene makes perfect sense. The person who posted this grammatically atrocious facebook post is an idiot because he doesnt know what a gene is. I have a gene for blue eyes, but that doesn’t mean I can spread blue eyes to other people.

  8. “The thought is that…”
    “It is believed…”

    Whose thought? Believed by who?

    “If you look at it this way…”

    I’m not going to look at it that way because the idea of a ‘gay gene’ is not substantiated at all, read a fucking book.

  9. Tom means: *By whom?

  10. @kat


    while this may be true, it does not lessen the fact that National Dyslexic Association has behaved like a proper douchebag.

    that is all. here endeth the lesson, bitches.

  11. correction: while this may be true (that National Dyslexic Association is right)…

  12. it takes a feat of truly epic word-mangling, sophistry and over-simplification to get the process of retroviral infection to mean “genes are contagious”.

  13. i laughed SO hard when i read this. what an idiot.. but hilarious

  14. Lmao!!!

    Mixing up genes and germs? Lamo 😉

  15. hahaha I just came out with the loudest laugh I have ever laughed!

  16. @NDA: n i b like wooaahh, that’s some smarmy shit. Nobody wants lessons, thanks though.

    This is honestly one of the best posts on lamebook.

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