Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Fire

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  1. BooooooooooooooooooooooYah!!!!!

  2. I love people who bitch about work and are friends with their bosses! Idiots!

  3. If Austin got a job as the Walmart greeter and smoked weed at work it would probably work out perfect for him, every person coming into the store would be sooooo exciting for him. Although every person leaving the store would kind of be depressing for him too!

  4. This is classic, and true of so many people who just spend their days stoned and then wonder why they lose their jobs, they can only hold a job at the very most about a month. It’s pathetic!

  5. If only he was a Lamebook reader…
    Should have known better Austin… Tisk tisk.

    Someone should send him the lamebook – book when it comes out lol

  6. @bahlea- maybe those people r just idiots. Idiots r in every crowd- stoner or not. I smoke all day @ work & I’ve had this job 15 yrs

  7. Right there with you Wakin n Bakin, I smoke before and after and occasionally on my lunch break, I work for a very prestigious company, been here for 4 years. People don’t lose jobs because they smoke pot, they lose jobs because they are idiots.

  8. Awesome.

    Called into work, Called out on facebook!

  9. @Crimm, you took the words right out of my mouth!

    but really, if you’re going to diss on your workplace publicly, at least make sure your boss doesn’t see the posts, if you ARE friends with your boss, which is just plain retarded.

  10. Bahhahaha, Crimm for the win. That funny.

  11. You people seriously don’t think this was fabricated? I imagine the world learned a lesson after how widely publicized that incident with the woman calling her boss “pervy wanker” on FB and then having him thusly fire her (even THAT may have been a hoax, as it was never even substantiated or tied to people with actual names). Neither story is all that amusing anyway.

  12. @throwingtofu You might be less cranky if you eat a burger.

  13. Tofu, using that logic, people would wear condoms if they don’t want to knock up their girlfriends, people wouldn’t use Wall Posts like Personal Messages, and fat people would steer clear of McDonald’s. Common sense does not always translate into logical actions.

  14. @squidkisses/throwingtofu:

    Austin could probably make you one if he hadn’t lost his job for fb idiocy.

  15. Ooooohh. That’s bad.

  16. @MasterProp, you’re absolutely right!
    people don’t learn from other’s mistakes, only their own, even then it’s a rare occurrence lol!


  17. And @throwingtofu, i have seen plenty of people do this same mistake over and over on my own feed. you have no idea what a great pleasure it brings me to see the responses of their managers/bosses/superiors/etc.

  18. Seriously, how fucking stupid are these people!

  19. Why are people friends with their Boss on facebook? I mean, why? Just… why? Especially if it’s obviously not something you enjoy.

    There’s also a thing called privacy settings. He could rant and rave about work all day and hide it from the people he works with and his boss. Why don’t people do that?

    Why would the boss fire him over a facebook status? Why not just wait until he comes into work and then send him home? You can’t fire someone for venting about their job, especially when they don’t even mention the company name.

  20. @MsBuzzkillington

    We’re talking about someone who smokes pot while working. He doesn’t have much common sense to begin with.

  21. He tried to fire him over the phone first.

  22. Bam! Just like Emeril Lagasse.

    Where the hell is Hobo? I know he despised me, and I don’t really care, but I miss his humour. 🙁 Come baaaaaaaaaack.

  23. @wakin and banahm, that is why I said so many people guys, I smoke and hold a good job although I am incapable of mixing the two, ever. I know people who can and hold their jobs but the people who prioritise smoking over ambition and work and then wonder round thinking the world owes them something are the ones that make me cross and their are so many of them!

  24. I also smoke whilst at work. and wear lipstick. and wear eyeshadow. and take all sorts of different medicines

    I’m a Beagle.

  25. As a partaker in the inhalation of cannabis, I am in agreement with the pot-smoking commenters.

    WOW, people who like lamebook are pot-smokers, whoulda thunk it?

  26. @bahlea, I agree. Long time smoker, but I just can’t abide doing it while working, for me, it’s what to do when the day is done and it’s time to get a little loose. In my experience, I’ve known people who can stone all day and still function at a job, and if it works for them, so be it, regardless of how I feel about it morally. Conversely, there are those I’ve known who thought it wasn’t having an effect on their job performance when it clearly was, and would always be mystified when they would loose a job or be reprimanded for their poor work. My advice would be to leave it at home. And when you get home and light up, why not read a stoner’s blog about travelling to Holland? Show support, and new posts will follow.

  27. @Paranoid … I’m clearly not in the cool gang. I prefer to go on the lash and get hammered lol.

  28. curlybap – Why not combine the both, hours of fun and a kebab tastes like God’s own food with the combination of booze and weed.

  29. Wouldn’t be able to join you for that kebab. I’m veggie. Weed and kebab would make me throw up probably. Definitely not in the cool gang!

  30. wow boss, you’re soooo cool, firing someone over facebook.

    my question is why do people say things like “most the people on here know the type of person you are” and then continue to trash them? if most of the people already know, what’s the point?

    maybe it’s his wording, or the way he presents himself as the employer – i didn’t even get that he WAS dude’s employer until “your ex boss” – but i didn’t really get the “oh snap!” feeling i usually get from bosses telling off their shitty employees over facebook.

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