Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pictures Worth Few Words

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  1. meh typos

  2. This is exactly what happens when you don’t stay in school kids.

  3. Okay, I give up. I can’t decipher this part: “No mater are past mistakes or are mistakes.”


  4. I wont fuck no more other guys has loophole written all over it.

  5. “No matter what our past mistakes are, they are our PAST mistakes.” I do believe that is what she was trying to convey in the part.

  6. oh my god! MUST…KILL…STUPID PEOPLE!!!!

  7. @cafink: “No matter our past mistakes or our (current) mistakes”
    And how could anyone possibly think ‘speacl’ is right?!

  8. I guess she is saying shes going to keep on making mistakes? maybe it is a warning. she isn’t going to change.

  9. I think it means she slipped and fell on that other guys naked body and it was a mistake that the penis went in.

  10. I think she is saying regardless of “our past mistakes or our mistakes yet to be made”, she will always love him.

    I do agree with 4 though – LOOPHOLE!!

  11. she isn’t smart enough for complex ideas like “loopholes”.
    come on!

  12. man, i should have put the “n I wont fuck no more other guys” in my wedding vows. his family would have loved that shit.

  13. I can’t wait for Mr. Mx’s first album. He seems like a deep artist with a powerful message.

  14. Wow! I have to say that I am immensely impressed that Mr. MX correctly wrote “A Student’s story.”

    Apostrophe S. Yes, color me surprised.

    Unlike “arm’s.”

    And why are there two ampersands? “To infinity and and beyond!”

  15. I really hope these are all written by twelve year olds.
    wait no I don’t because that means they are already having sex and are bitter about the future.
    what a conundrum.

  16. This just makes me weep for future generations *sigh*

  17. Can we change the site to “fakebook” since this is another batch of FAKES

  18. Please could somebody link me to Yazan’s profile? I would love to give him all of my advices.

  19. Something tells me that baby has a pretty sad future in store for him.

  20. I could barely read the last one through my tears for the wanton violence visited upon the poor English language. What did it do to deserve that kind of treatment?

  21. Idiocracy was a documentary sent from the future.

  22. But that means in the future they’d all be watching films about farting, and they’d be too stupid to film that documentary and send it back in time. Ha HA.

  23. I bet the girl that made that third post has been ridden more than Seabiscuit.

  24. Charlotte Sometimes

    who the hell names their kid “marine”?

  25. I’m really glad Sonya commented on that pic to clarify what she was trying to get across. Wow she must be one proud mama to have given birth to a future serial kille… SO glad she was able to reproduce with what sounds like another winner, just like herself.

  26. Uhh I submitted the “love” picture and that’s not the original caption I submitted it with.

  27. I absolutely lost it on the last one when I read: “n I wont fuck no more other guys.”

  28. Yazan, my advise would be to wear shoes, and for the love of GOD you need to STUDY!

  29. This makes me die inside.

  30. Charlotte, ‘Marnie’ clearly struggles with the spelling of her own name. It’s not an uncommon fault; author Ronald Dahl failed to spell his name right throughout his entire career.

  31. dirtylittlepretty

    This is all so meaningful, especially the little convict baby.
    It’s kind of sad that she ‘won’t fuck no more other guys’…as this lessens the chance of having an abundance of other convict babies. 🙁

  32. Yeah, igotback, Lamebook pretty much edit stuff to make up funny situations that weren’t there before. And sometimes, like in your case, when the post was funny enough already…

  33. why would admit to posting the love one…wrong caption or not..btw how does someone not know the difference between will & well…the word will is an everyday word ,how do you screw that up.& ‘tell i take my last breath’ how can you write that & think it makes sense…it’s god damn ’til,like until.

    wow,i need a nap or something…

  34. @Pedanticoldgit

    This goes far beyond simple violence upon the English language, I classify these as crimes against humanity.

  35. ‘I won’t fuck no more other guys. Just BJs and pussy eatin!’

  36. mmm, pussy.

  37. I bet Marine’s vag sludge is quite salty. With a name like that, I think it almost has to be…

    I also do not understand how someone could be so soul-crushingly illiterate (my soul, not hers) and also have the wherewithal to own and operate a computer.

  38. So what was the original caption, anyway?

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