Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Fun!

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  1. Good for Lynda!

  2. Oh well if it was prison then I don’t know what she was making a big deal out of it for. That unreasonable bitch.

  3. first to say first!

  4. I’d send a kid to the sex offenders house just to see what happened. Haha!

  5. I’d dress up as a kid and show up… maybe I’d get lucky.

  6. penis

  7. ‘sex offender’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘child molester’…

  8. LadyAngora, they should all be fucking shot! It doesn’t matter if the offense was raping an altar boy or having a crafty wank on a public bus!
    They should all be horse-whipped through the streets, then tied up behind the local dog pound and bloody well shot.

  9. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    That should also include 16 year old boys who have sex with their 15-years-and-11-month-old girlfriends. I hate sex offenders. And don’t get me started on consenting adult couples who are prosecuted for indecent exposure for having sex in their own secluded back gardens because a neighbour was spying on them. Absolute scum.

  10. If all sex offenders and rapists were shot then what reason would women have for wearing make-up and dressing up?… Think it through.

    I didn’t even know bus wanks were illegal?!

  11. @MsAnneThorpe……That was in poor taste. If you are a sex-offender please be straight up about it, and not beat around the bush.

  12. I’m not a sex offender hawkbit. I just keep a van full of puppies around because I like puppies.

    And vans.

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