Tuesday, November 8, 2011


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  2. @Steeeever – Will you be my beeyootch?

  3. Yo beeyootch, will you be my dawg?

  4. I do not want to be on the end of this human centipede.

  5. you mean you wish you could be

  6. oh my goddddddddd i think the tommy one is about me. or my friends anyway. this black guy on a bike with a cast was the one that got beat up. looooooooooooooool. this is too awesome to just be a coincidence that it happened somewhere else. was it in florida at least?

  7. oh my goddddddddd Ya it must be about you. I very highly doubt that there has ever been a fight outside one of the other 13,000 McDonalds locations in the USA.

  8. well it happened last night at the same time in the same place. it’s just pretty weird. thanks for being a fag though, it was helpful!

  9. Wow, beating up a black guy wearing a cast AND calling someone a fag? You definitely get the great person of the week award. Bravo.

  10. Can anyone tell me what the last one means? i dunno the song (if it is a song) and I don’t own an iPhone, so I dunno what the emoticons mean

  11. Aw man! Thanks to that last one, I now have the song stuck in my head and a wicked urge to play Need For Speed :\

  12. ohhhh heeeeyyy. ^ I thought I was the only one up at 3:07.

  13. Dear Mike, it’s not called a ‘room’ it’s called a ‘moldy clunge bucket’…. how many times do we have to go through this?

  14. Clunge is a pretty funny word.

  15. Portuguese.

  16. @hawkbit – portuguese what? xD

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