Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Head Meet Desk

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  1. I think Rachel is a great name for a troll.

  2. I ♥ TROLLS

  3. Rachel please call me because I have a lot of great stuff I’d like to sell you. I only take cash though.

  4. How dumb are people….like you can use a credit card in the coffee holder…duh! How would that work! (JK, I did tech support, I know people can be that dumb!)

  5. If they could just stop making complicated contraptions, too.

    If there’s a hole, it should be to put something in it. Period

  6. Like your anus Wandr?

  7. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I bet someone could write a driver that would allow a CD player to read barcodes. It’s got a laser, after all. That doesn’t really help with the whole credit card thing though.

  8. Exactly like my anus, Steeeever, yes.
    I’m sure I’ve lost a few things in there, too

  9. I speak American, I don’t spell color with a “u”

  10. Mario, spelling and speaking are different things. Also the proper name for using improper spelling is bastardizedAmericanized English.

  11. i’m so glad to hear that computers will take round cards, because i’ve had 3 that i’ve been trying to use at the store and they keep telling me they can’t take those…

  12. If you’re going to point out that American spelling is improper, then at least spell ‘bastardised’ with an ‘s’. Otherwise I fully agree.

  13. How is American spelling improper? If it’s correct in America, it’s correct. I’m not saying everyone should spell things the way we do in America….but there’s no way it’s wrong if it’s standard in our country but not in others.

  14. Normal English is a big mish-mash of other languages, so how can you ruin something already broken? American language = English language, but I speak America because I don’t live in Europe.

  15. # 15

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Americans seem to speak a language of their own that just happens to have borrowed a lot of vocabulary from English. The syntax seems to be completely new and original however.

  17. Fuck off you stupid fuck pigs… you’re all writing and speaking in English… speaking and writing it all fucking wrong is the problem…

    If any of you Americans need help in speaking the Queens English all proper like, just drop me a line in this comments section and I’ll translate your illiterate scrawling into something intelligible.

  18. If you study the English language, you’ll notice that the current American syntax actually (in some ways) more closely mirrors older forms of English than the current English syntax.

    An example of this is to say ‘I typed this comment Wednesday’, rather than ‘on Wednesday I typed this comment’.

    It’s English people who speak a more markedly ‘different’ form of the language, if anything.

    That doesn’t address the argument of ‘who’s stupider’ though. That one’ll run and run, I’d say, until one day one of these 2 countries will win in the ‘who can invest less in schools and education’ competition.

    The US has more money, but appears to have a greater need to teach Creationism, so it’s guna be a close race. Place your bets now.

  19. @ gonzo Verily forsooth you have mistaketh the language of the New World for ye olde English, you thicketh twateth.

  20. @cheesuschrists

    You can suck my balls. eth.

  21. @gonzo Begad! The coarseness of thy discourse hath revealed to me thine truest nature. I will away and poppeth thine testicles even into my maw whilst reflecting on thou cuntedness. Do not attempteth to squirm from beneath me as ones own good thumb doth ram up thine shitehole.

  22. @cheesuschrist Fucking fantastic.

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