Thursday, June 23, 2011


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  1. Ah ginger jokes. Not even good ginger jokes.

    The anti-ginger thing was funny in South Park and for about 2 weeks afterward.

  2. They should’ve stopped after the first one. The rest were meh.

    And no I am not a ginger.

  3. I never understood how making fun of the way people were born is even remotely funny.

  4. Wow Lamebook, you can do better than this.

    This is actually Racist.The more you post entries like this, The less support you are gonna receive in you’re soon-to-be lawsuit.

    Please delete this entry.

    This is like cheering somebody on for beating up a guy because he’s Black.

  5. PraetorianXVIII

    I never understood the you’re/your confusion.

  6. There was no your/you’re confusion. lol. Rebeccah used the right form of it.

  7. You sound like a ginger, mizhydee.

  8. iseeweirdpeople

    I’m pretty sure the your/you’re confusion was referring to “you’re soon-to-be lawsuit”.

  9. Only Rebbecah (what with the h?) was remotely funny; rest was… well lame.

  10. I never thought the ginger thing was funny. I’m not a red head but they are usually some sexy people.

  11. Fuck you Rebeccah with a h. What the fuck is wrong with you? Your entire lineage must have been repetitively and savagely ear fucked that you got a “h” at the end of your name, you stupid cum sucking bitch.
    Don’t tell me it’s not your fault, that h… It totally IS.

    Now I need me some of those painkillers. And a ginger. I love gingers. They’re sexy.

    Happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste to whom it may concern!

  12. Hey mizhydee,
    I hate to break this to you but it is not racist (nor is it funny). “Ginger” is not a race, it’s a hair color.

  13. #3 – the entire premise of lamebook is making fun of people for how they were born (ie stupid). some people are born stupid, other people are born ginger. sounds like you might be both!

  14. Lol so being stupid is inborn? I guess being gay is inborn too. I want to see your birth certificate Vincent,i assume it listed your gender as gay since it’s inborn. What do we call a douche gay by the way?

  15. Ahhh,it’s douchefaqguette

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    agreed ChimmyChunga

  17. i’m used to having fans and admirers here, but yodawg’s obsession with me is getting a bit intense. obviously, as an out gay man i am something of a role model to him, something for him to aspire to. normally i’d be happy to take a confused young man under my wing, and guide him through the tricky process of coming out. having said that, i really don’t want to waste any more time talking to this mentally subnormal redneck creationist who thinks that ‘gay’ is a gender, and doesn’t understand that intelligence and sexuality are both subject to hereditary factors.

    yodawg – if i send you a signed photograph with bit of congealed spunk on it, will you leave me alone?

  18. ^^ That’s what SHE said.

  19. “i really don’t want to waste any more time talking to this mentally subnormal redneck creationist who thinks that ‘gay’ is a gender” Lol who’s the one who said being stupid by the way? What a douchef@gguette. 😀 I wish you weren’t the spokeperson for the gay community or that’ll make those GOOD and INTELLIGENT homosexuals look very bad. Don’t call this a beef though because you called for this.

  20. *being stupid is inborn >.<

  21. Actually it is racist. It is a backhanded way to insult the Irish. It dates back to when the Irish were considered less than human. So congrats on enjoying the last acceptable form of racism you inept twat.

  22. #4 – I would cheer somebody on for beating you up.

    #15 – “douchefaqguette”? Kinda tripped over your own word play there, yodawg.

  23. You’re so far out of your depth, yodawg, it’s embarrassing.

  24. Alright my bad brothas,sorry for being so far out of your standards and intelligence. Im just here for the laugh. I didn’t thought you are here on a humor website to find something intelligent 🙁 Again im sooo sorry.

  25. “I didn’t thought”

    That’s abundantly clear.

  26. I love gingers =[

  27. #23 – something intelligent? Naaaah. I don’t know about other peeps, but I’m just here to see Vincent deflower you.

    You’re so hot, dawg.

  28. I am the guy from the last entry and I am awesome.

    As is Wandr.

  29. #27 Vincent LOL You mean that douchef@g? Oh well now i know what kind of humor and wit you like buckle 🙂 I’ll try and keep up with you. Damn i feel like the whole gay communities’ all eyes on me.

  30. Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger

  31. I’m not looking to find something intelligent, yodawg, that’s why I’m not surprised to find you here. Your homophobia will bite you in the ass. Or Vincent will.

  32. I know agenda,im not looking for something intelligent too. That’s why im not surprised to find my kind here.

  33. Of course I’m awesome, morgotwhat, but thanks for noticing.

    Now I’m getting a bit confused at the yodawg/vincent thing. One of Vincent’s comments must have been taken down, which is a shame. They’re usually worth reading.

  34. Fight time. I forgot what the post was even about.

  35. Oh, yeah. Southpark sucks, especially when they make fun of gingers. Just make a funny episode, don’t preach to me, don’t be all epic, don’t have really stupid things happen…oh forget it.

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