Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tor’n It Up

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  1. first first?

    also this is dumb…

  2. it’s hard for me to take sides. i mean, on one hand you have a fuck’n retard (regardless of his “noble” intent). and, on the other side, you have a grammar/spelling nazi; and those are the worst of the worst.

  3. Hey goskers13 you didn’t capitalized the first letters of your sentences. Also,excessive use of periods lol jk

  4. @2 Agreed! I hate grammar nazis. I mean why take it like it’s formal essay on an English class or something? It’s just Facebook mufuckas.

  5. Nothing wrong with spelling correctly.

    zomggggggggggs no1 wNts 2 reed sh1z spealtz lyk a fluckin’ dic ed.

    What annoys me more is when people capitalize the first letter of every sentence. Try much.

  6. *apologies, i mean every word in the sentence. I’m drunk.

  7. Hmmm… Not to be an arse, but as an immigrant, whose first language is not English, it’s kind of annoying to hear many people complain about the use of other languages in phone menus, manuals, signs, etc. Without trying to take sides, I think people should know their language… and I like Tory for this. Then again, Alan could be a foreigner too.

  8. I’m german and would have done a better job. No one complains about one or another little mistake or grammatical – let’s say confusion- but that?
    It just asked for it….

  9. allmylifewilleverbe

    Although grammar Nazi’s do suck, it’s so fuckin annoying when someone fb’s me taWlkying LYK DiS all the time. What’s the point of spending all that time purposely spelling everything wrong?

    *Texting too. Your phone will automatically spell it right for you. I promise.

  10. Nazis*

  11. One error here, another there is not something people should get all correcty about

    But when someone posts something like that, you just gotta. Especially if you can get a rise out of them

  12. If you are going to voice an opinion about something that you think is important and try to make people think you are well informed and thoughtful, you should at least attempt to care about the way you portray yourself. If you put no effort into your communication, why should the reader put in the effort to decipher your drivel?

  13. Correcting spelling mistakes isn’t even remotely funny anymore unless there is a great amount of irony attached to it.

    I’m a spelling Nazi who can probably count the spelling mistakes I’ve made in the past 5 years on one hand, but even I think this shit is unbelievably tired.

    People are terrible at spelling. Most of them were probably born to alcoholic parents who fell on their stomachs frequently. This is no longer news. It’s no longer funny. It’s just sad.

    Lamebook can do better.

  14. Stomachs are where the cheeseburgers go. Wombs are where babies grow.

  15. I’m with desdenova on this one. When you create groups (especially public groups) you subject yourself to a bit more scrutiny than when you are simply posting an update or a comment on someone’s wall, and if your intent is to compel people to act in a certain fashion or espouse a certain cause, the quality of your writing can help your credibility – AND it can seriously hinder it. In extreme cases such as this one, you almost wonder if someone affiliated with MTV is acting as a ‘secret agent’ to paint MTV’s critics in a negative light; if that’s the case, I’d say he/she succeeded.

  16. allmylifewilleverbe

    Yes, thank you knuckledusters. That was my auto-correct though.

  17. Yeah. To be honest I feel bad for both of them, but especially Tory. As great a fan I am of correct grammar, I can’t help but think that these people, obsessed with correcting people are compensating for something – being lonely, having no friends or . . . I don’t know, having a tiny member.

  18. The guy was trying to mess with him. It has nothing to do with having no friends or “over compensating” anything. He was doing it to be an ass and piss them on. I applaud him for being able to piss those other two off so easily.

  19. Wow … them** piss them off**

    My bad.

  20. Hi guys, I’m Tory…and I’m actually a girl, thanks.

  21. What gives? This may be the first time the comments have been even lamer than the post. Why’s everyone all upset over this garbage?

  22. Anyone else realize ussi’s a German, and we’re talking about grammar *Nazis*. Awkward? No? Carry on then.

  23. samwise.. you just won lamebook. Thank you for salvaging the lame that was this comment thread. *applause* p.s. To everyone else, whatever.. the dude obviously isn’t American, give him a break, atleast he tried.

  24. velocirrober – Doubt Alan is a foreigner. We do take care to spell correctly. Also I don’t mind if people would point out mistakes I continue to make (as in: not typos). Otherwise, how do you learn?

  25. I don’t understand why a lack of sex would be someone’s motivation to correct grammar.
    Poor and effortless attempt at an insult, I think.

  26. Tory if you’re smart enough to realize the errors and correct them,does that mean you already get what they’re trying to say through context,since you already corrected them? Or maybe it’ll be smarter if you just don’t bother reading or having them as friends in the first place if you’re too good for them. Just my opinion.

  27. Honestly the dude deserved the grammar check. I get being upset if it was just a couple of errors but the guy even know how to spell “thing” and did the infamous “should of” instead of “should have” which always seems to piss me off worse along with other things that made his post annoying to read. He also sounded like an illiterate prick who can’t figure out that he probably needed a little lesson in spelling and grammar considering it’s pretty hard to by in life not knowing how to spell simple words. Also he’s an idiot for watching MTV anyway.

  28. I am not sure how many people have noticed this. The grammar Nazi made a mistake. There is no mistake for regarding the word your. Unless he thinks “Take you are bullshit to an elementary school…” is correct, Skylar should use your NOT you’re. Oh and he is just being a picky bitch about someones.

  29. Asharm: no one noticed it because you’re wrong.. “Because all your doing…”

    Also, as Tory pointed out, it’s not like she’s going around correcting status updates and photo captions. This is a “legitimate” boycott. Presumbly. Cheers, Tory.

  30. Actually, asharm8, that is a failed attempt to correct the “grammar Nazi. You’re actually the wrong one here. She was talking about the “you’re” in the FOURTH sentence, not the third. Re-read please.

  31. Its the “your” in the 3rd sentence. Because YOU ARE….a.k.a. you’re

  32. Still correcting each other? Get over this shit, you bunch of pathetic little pedants.

  33. @allmylifewilleverbe – sorry, just couldn’t help myself! ^_^

  34. Those of you that can’t be bothered to learn proper grammar, please go inseminate yourselves. We reserve the right to correct your stupidity ad infinitude. Get over it. Don’t like it? Don’t read the corrections. And before I hear one whine about how we should not read what we don’t like- well we are right and you are wrong, that gives us latitude to correct whatever the hell we want.

  35. @Hawkbit:
    1) comma in the wrong place
    2) no such term as ‘ad infinitude’; you mean ‘ad infinitum’
    3) hyphen or dash makes no sense
    4) hell = *Hell

    Thank you for the smart arse waste of time. If you can’t win an argument or add meaningful content then just pick apart the other person’s spelling and grammar! Fun, fun, fun!

  36. Has anyone corrected the grammer nazi’s spelling of sweat?

    I’m not going to bother reading all the comments.

  37. Please disregard my previous comment! 🙂 Im a dumbass!

  38. I like how Skyler believes that getting laid somehow makes you a better/worthwhile person.

  39. in the last one “someones” is correct, someone’s is fail.

  40. @Sierra: No.

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