Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet Ron

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  1. “that line always works for me becuz im fucken Ron”

    When he stops fucking Ron, the lines will stop working?

  2. Ron is a fukkin idiot.

  3. i’m first!!! that means i get a prize…right?

  4. fml. the ONE time i thought i was going to be first. oh well…do i still get a prize? maybe a blunt sesh wid ma homei R to tha woo?

  5. I think now I’m going to go around saying “I’m fuckin’ Ron!”

  6. That is awesome! I hope its a joke because its funny as hell. If its not a joke, well, R to the Woo is a joke then.

  7. Wow… Just wow!

  8. Finding Ron on Facebook was way too easy… Though I’m surprised how many people list “drug dealing” as their place of employment.

  9. This just ruined my day because no matter how hard I try I’ll never be as cool as fucken Ron.

  10. So now that lamebook is busting out big time advertising, and is clearly linking ok to facebook again, will they be refunding all the “pre-facebook lawsuit” donations?

  11. I like his “employers”. He’s a drug dealer–and I guess on the side he works for Baskin Robbins?

  12. “Im fucken Ron”

    Fuckin a dude!

  13. The profile is even more epic…especially the profile pic.

    It’s awesome – doesn’t have anything set to private.

  14. Apparently he works for KFC too. Ha!

  15. Seems to come off as an arrogant black man… Yet I’m sure he believes Afrikaans to be a “Black” thing along with ebonics and street language… Unfortunately for his ignorant ass Afrikaans is a West German Dialect spoken mainly in S. Africa…

  16. Kobe … Jordan?

    I wasn’t aware either Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan were dead in the first place.

  17. Not to be an asshole, but Afrikaans isn’t West German… It’s west Germanic. Originated from the white Dutch settlers in South Africa.


  18. i would like to find this character on facebook bahahaha how do i go about finding him?

  19. @cattmonk it’s not hard. Look for a guy pouring chocolate syrup on himself

  20. @455rocket, I agree, I’d love to see this prick speak either Afrikaans or Xhosa hahaha

  21. couldnt find him anywhere on fb. too bad i’d love to send him a msg

  22. Anybody know his last name?! I have to find him.

  23. I would tell you how to track him down; but then I would have to kill you.

  24. I almost said that he doesn’t seem to know he’s on Lamebook, but then I realize he probably can’t read it anyway. But I’m glad to see some of you are now his friends

  25. His current profile pic has been on here before.

  26. the grownup

  27. So let’s take votes on where Ron will be in 10 years:
    A) Prison on dealing charges
    B) Assistant part-time shift lead at Baskin Robbins
    C) On some reality show on MTV or Fox
    D) On the Cover of NBA 2021

  28. Apparently this guy is going to college with me. How does this happen??

  29. @bluie107

    I mean this in the least racist way possible, but Basketball Scholarship.

  30. @Jason
    Are you being serious, or just guessing? (:

  31. @455rocket: I don’t think Ron is just misunderstanding what Afrikaans is. He’s also got Xhosa (isiXhosa) listed, which is the major southern Bantu language spoken in dozens of dialects across the southernmost region from Cape Town to the edge of KwaZulu-Natal. Those goddamn clicks are a bitch to master–not as bad as (say) !Kung but still pretty challenging.

    So he’s got to have some kind of knowledge about South Africa (a parent? idle interest?), or be from South Africa. But clearly he is inculturated in North America or fakes it really, really well, because the choices of street slang in both Cape Town and Mthatha have very British-SA qualities and words. Else, he might be someone just fucking with everybody.

    I tried to go find him but I think he is hiding now.

  32. Fake?

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