Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toy Story Book

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  1. First Blood
    I’d say fake.. O.o

  2. Paranooooooiiiiiiiiiiidddddd Androoooooiiiiiiiiiiidddddddd

    Check out the caps in my username you lower-case motherfuckers (smiley face)

  3. Fucks sake.

  4. *sigh* I stumbled this a few days ago and knew I would see it here eventually. I’m getting sick of Lamebook.

  5. Paranoid Who are you calling lower-case?! That’s fucking fighting talk where I come from… Of course I’ve moved away now, so it’s not really an issue at all I suppose.

  6. Oh yeah? Well uppercase is for losers with low self-esteem. *evil eye*

  7. wandr Evil Eye meet Jap’s Eye…..let the stare-off commence!

  8. paranoid android u r gay, but thanks for proving my theory that u think u are part of some lamebook elite hahahahahah, hope it makes u feel better about utself, good luck havin a life

  9. e e cummings didn’t really go in for uppercase, so I’m okay with it.

  10. As theories go that’s right up there with the Theory of Relativity, the Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Bumfinger….

    The last one is my own and it states ‘An index finger in the crap canal, does not a gay man make’

  11. Man people must be sad to do this. The star wars one a while ago was mildly amusing but this is shite.

  12. *sigh* mofo, you are my dream man. I’ve been trying to explain this to my boyfriend for months, but he just doesn’t get it.
    Two inch nails may not help making the prospect interesting, but still!

  13. wandr It’s like training a nervous horse to accept your touch… softly softly catchy monkey… File the sharp edges off your little finger nail, lube it up and start with a tapping motion on the ringer before gently inserting… ignore the screams, he’ll get used to and if he starts bucking just push deeper.

  14. Aww you guys! What lovely comments for such a cute Toy Story post 🙂

  15. Did #8 just crawl out of hiding or have I been missing something? And all it took was an implication of new vs old! Well done Android.

  16. Who the fuck was ‘Bullseyes’

  17. This an entry from a cracked.com photoplasty contest.

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