Monday, February 21, 2011

Picturesque Problems

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  1. Ben.

  2. SHUT UP

  3. Lindsey spelled, “naggers” wrong.

  4. I’m guessing sis works at the bar since the pic is on the other side of it, but it’s still a couple different shades of wrong.

    And no girls, no it’s not.


  6. Where is Frank the Korean’s other arm?

  7. It’s on the other side of his body, carolyn. Are you really that unfamiliar with basic human anatomy?

  8. I wish n*gg**s looked like that.

  9. Carolyn – its up his ass.

  10. Well since the word n*gger originally meant ‘someone who is ignorant’ then yes, you really do look truly ignorant.

  11. I wonder if those girls try to act gangster.

  12. It looks like Mark & Sissie had parents who were also sister and brother.

    True n*ggaz have better tits.

  13. I wonder if those girls ended up getting jumped and gang raped.

  14. Sissy…for my own peace of mind I’m going to assume the bar forces you to dress like that. Never mind the gigantic hole in that theory that they would never hire someone with a body like yours and allow you to flash it around(bad for business you know), I will continue to believe it is true no matter what!!!

  15. Haha Frank the Korean is making me pmsl. Damn, there’s no toilet free.

  16. Fucking Pissflaps I feel like an utter fool!

    All these years I’ve been getting it bastard wrong, I should have been setting fire to crosses outside naive, idiotic gangster wannabe girls houses and raping big black man… what a dick.

  17. That Korean forgot to pull his pants down!!!! WTF*uck???

  18. God Bless America and their in-bred rednecks.

    Frank the Korean sounds like a character in a British cockernee gangster film.

    The ‘women’ are ginger and therefore have no soul (and no tits).

  19. All my life I wondered what was wrong with me; then along came South Park and explained that since I’m a redhead, therefore I have no soul. I wonder if that would stand up in court.

  20. Disturbed I’m not Gingerist at all, in fact I’m a bit like Moses in that I quite like a fiery bush…does yours speak in tongues?

  21. Paranoid, pretty sure the fact that they’re gingers has nothing to do with lack of boobs – I’m gonna go with them being 13 for that one.

  22. Indeed it does, Mofo. But I’ve read your comments in the course of my lurking; so I know where yours has been…

  23. #1 – your sister is named Sissie? That’s just sad. I agree with Slippy, she must work there. Still, here’s one case where a tramp stamp would seem superfluous.

    #3 – you misspelled “gingers.” I know, “niggers” has all the same letters, but honestly, you’ll get into trouble if your mispronunciation is as bad as your spelling. And I wouldn’t give you the Free Pass of Idiocy because of your red hair, supposed inferior genetics or lack of soul.

  24. I think i saw that guys sister in a movie..she was lurking about in a mountain trying to find something she kept calling her precious..

  25. My 3rd favorite thing? This Canadian Tuxedo

  26. A tad blind George?

  27. I wish my sister was as hot as Sissie. I’d be all over that too. That’s not creepy right? Right?!

  28. That’s number night club in Houston. Pic is from at least 3 years ago. That girl no longer works there. Not actual brother and sister.

  29. Disturbed I could put that fire out you know? Don’t let my past stand in the way of what could be a mutually beneficial relationship.

  30. Mutually beneficial, you say? Well, in that case… sold. But could we leave out the livestock, at least for the first few weeks?

  31. Excellent!

    I’ll keep my menagerie under wraps if you’ll promise to let me call you Nicole and pop one on your freckly rump.

  32. Oh, hell. I don’t have any freckles. I am unnaturally pale, however. And “Nicole”… erm… okay.

    But from what I’ve read, you could get turned on by a felled tree. Surely freckles aren’t your one requirement?

  33. #7 you made my day.

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