Monday, July 19, 2010

The Fairly Odd Parents

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  1. STEVER!

  2. I have a pool like that, I keep beer in it though and it’s usually on the passenger seat.

  3. 1) Meh
    2) Little Sally goes to spend the summer with Grandpa MacGyver.
    3) Lame

  4. 1- chuckle

    2- meh, seems like a pretty good idea

    3- OMG sHe wiLL B Terribel Mum!!!!

  5. HAHA

    Good ones 😉

  6. What is a crane game? I feel so ignorant. Does it involve cranes (either the machine or the bird?)

  7. kangarooster – michael will be a terrible mum??

    number two is messing with my sense of perception. a mini pool, and in the background a giant flipper. perhaps someone could turn this into a gif. with the giant flipper kicking the cool-box over and the little girl crying in a small pathetic puddle of water, and perhaps flapping around like a fish on land.

  8. First one gave me a chuckle, second one is genius and I don’t even get the third one. What’s crane games?

  9. haha, read that as Michelle. Even so, after Michael finishes University, and moves out of his parents house, he finally realises his dream of being a successful transvestite cabaret entertainer. A few years later He travels to Thailand and finally takes the last step, the big snip. He then adopts a kid, and reenacts the ‘fun and games’ his uncle used to play with him every thursday night on poker night.

    Is the big flipper thingy a basketball ring pole?

  10. I would agree the flipper thing looks like a basketball ring pole .. the pool looks too small for it to be an air mattress.

  11. i knew it was a basketball ring pole really…. 🙁

    willing suspension of disbelief anyone…?

  12. seriously alordslums noone cares, the ‘anyone’ you’re directing to people is no one, cus no one cares for your stupid jokes no one is gona be like OH OK ALORDSLUMS ILL SUSPEND MY DISBELIEF FOR YOU!!! jesus

  13. i’m flattered you’re so attracted to me, anon. 😉

    here, have some popcorn. the best popcorn’s at the bottom of the box….

    😉 😉 😉

  14. for those asking about the crane games –

  15. popcorn at the bottom of the box is shit its all little bitty bits of uncooked corn, fag

  16. nah ya have to dig a little bit further man, then ya find the sweet buttered parts

  17. Thanks Ivy!

  18. I think anonisgayisgay is a bit too attacted to you alord. Are you wearing that new cologne…. you know the one that attracts pricks. If only we were all so lucky.

  19. @ anon .. since you told me to fuck off yesterday.. if you think no one cares about my comments why would you think anyone care about yours , asshole?

  20. *cares

  21. Thanks Ivy, I didn’t know what the hell Michael was talking about.

    I’m wondering the same thing bdie.

  22. Maybe we need to look in to an antidote? The whole of Lamebook could invest in it. We could call it the anti retard spray keep those anonisgayisgays away.

  23. I know that there are a lot of Brits that read this, the crane game is known as a Teddy Picker over there right? I know this because of the Arctic Monkeys song.

  24. @ Bluthton – I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m English and I always called it the grabby-claw-thing game. Or The Claw, after Toy Story.

  25. Potato – the crane game is the thing that the stuffed aliens in the Toy Story movies came out of. You drop a quarter (or however much depending on the value of the prizes) in it and move the crane around to pick up an item which you usually don’t get.

  26. @ h4yleyg

    Usual conversation:

    Me: ‘I won it on one of those machines.’
    Them: ‘What machines?’
    Me:’The grab machines,’ cue puzzled look.
    Them: ‘Pardon!’
    Me: ‘You know’ (Now motion like crane with arm)
    Them: ‘Oh yeah! I know what you mean.’

    No-one ever seems to know what you’re on about till you do the crane motion with your arm, even though everyone knows the game. Makes it a bitch to describe on the phone!

  27. “The Claw” clears that right up!

  28. The little girl in the esky (or cooler or whatever you non-Aussies call them) reminds me of when I was a kid back at the ol’ farmhouse and my dad used to cut a barrel in half and fill it with water for me to sit in on a hot day.

  29. @Emkitteh … would ‘esky’ come from the word Eskimo? That’s hilarious.. I’m Canadian.

  30. @mass

    It comes from a brand of (coolers?) but the brand name is indeed a reference to Eskimos.

    I’m not really sure why she needs the goggles…

  31. @EmKitteh … that’s a brand? I gotta keep my eye for it around here, unless offended Eskimo’s had it banned lol.

    Yeah, we call them coolers here..odd too, I suppose because they don’t ‘cool’ they ‘sustain’.

  32. @mass

    It’s an Australian brand. I don’t know about their availability outside Australia, but I wish you luck in finding one.

  33. @EmKitteh

    Thanks. Ironically the one I have now is the same colour scheme as the one in the pic. but the lid is not hinged. It’s a Coleman but I don’t fit it in it anymore… goggles or not.


  34. irony of ironies!

  35. The second one is hilarious, I have to admit.

  36. Coolers can cool if what you’re putting in it is warm to begin with.

    I don’t know, ‘sustainer’ just doesn’t seem to work quite as well.

  37. “sustainer container” kind of has a cool ring to it.

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