Monday, July 19, 2010

Marked Out

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  1. Foist!

  2. Are these people serious?

    Hey, Obama, my toilet’s leaking. Get over here, and bring your pipewrench.

    Hey Obama, my calculator isn’t working, what’s the square root of 169? Come on, quick!

    Hey Obama, that dog isn’t going to walk itself, get over here and start solving problems you lazy nigger.

  3. Then it’s a shame you used that totally unoriginal retort. Even more of a shame since you were actually in the right there till you used a comeback that was somehow even more overused than his.

    Never heard the Hitler/Obama thing, but if SOME people are saying it, it must be true! You Yank monsters! :O

  4. Dunno about the obama debate ,but this is sooo fake. This joke has been around on the internet for a couple of days now .

  5. I wonder why the n-word isn’t “mo.der.ated” here.

    Anyway… I know one of these people that “compare Obama to Hitler”. I compare this person to a douchebag, just as often. It’s definitely his fault that the greatest scientific minds in the USA couldn’t come up with a solution faster.

    I’m sure there was a scientist that came to him and said “Hey, Mr. President, I figured out how to stop the oil leak and it’s only day 3 of the crisis!” and he responded with “I’ll look over your proposal as soon as I find this 3rd ring on level 3-7. Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo DS is awesome!”

  6. The Lamebook cunts never moderate me because I never say anything offensive.

  7. Paranoid Android

    If Obama could only mimic some of the Third Reich’s policies:- instead of eliminating Jews, the handicapped, gays et al, he could just eliminate all the rednecks, hey ho the average American IQ raises a few points.

    It’s a win-win.

  8. @Walter (#2) I think the square root of one sixty-nine is a dude lying on his back chastising his fargis while using his imagination.

    This does look suspiciously fake. He dislikes Obama because he has heard other people compare him to Hitler? I mean, we all know that Obama was born in Africa (the bumper sticker of my next door neighbor says it, so it must be true) but think for yourself, Aaron!

  9. @Walter

    hmmm, that is a bit perplexing. I’ve been moderated dozens of times and it seems like I wasn’t saying anything wrong. Maybe the “wordpress” upgrade messed with their moderation “keywords”.

  10. I have been moderated before but maybe never when i use my iPhone.

  11. Yeah, the moderation almost seems to be completely random. Whenever it has happened to me, I haven’t been posting anything that was even remotely offensive.

  12. Yeah the randomness is annoying. There’s nothing I hate more than incontinency.

  13. U go mark ^^

  14. I still think the Exxon Valdez was funnier than the Gulf spill/leak… drunk Captain, hard to top. Unless he was also incontinent.

  15. Wow, that is a harsh comeback. I LOVE IT!

  16. AWESOME comeback!

  17. How on earth do people compare Obama to Hitler? I haven’t heard that one before. That guy’s ignorance makes me scared…scared for all of us….

  18. i hear people have been comparing British Hobo to Dan_Fargis. shame on you people, shame.

  19. awesome comeback?

    to me it’s in the category of ‘so massively formulaic it’s obviously borrowed from somewhere and therefore utterly lustreless and dull’.

    also, hobes WISHES he were fargis! or, rather, hobes WISHES he were stuck on his 6 hour flight wedged in next to fargis in proselytizing mood!

    (wank him off whilst he’s asleep so he goes to hell).

  20. snake on a plane?

  21. snacks on a plane!



  22. omg alordslums youre not funny just give it up

  23. .. great now I have a mental image of Britishobo punching this Fargis fellow’s clown as they cross the Atlantic.

    Good stuff alord…lol.

  24. haha, well i got a bit of a laugh anonisgayisgay!

  25. yeh but ur a fuckin kangaroo hybrid

  26. correct! well done anonisgayisgay, you are getting better and better!

  27. alord, that was awesome!

  28. Obama is Hitler? I didn’t realise that he hated the Jewish people and was systematically executing and torturing millions of people to feed his hunger for power…..I guess I have learnt my lesson.

  29. read a history book bdie, bloody yanks, so ignorant of world current affairs.

  30. or a newspaper even? not sure why current affairs would be in a history book. damn you red wine.

  31. Hahaha, I know, I know, clearly I am out of the current affairs loop that explains all of this, what was I thinking. Having said that kangarooster, I have heard that red wine does solve world problems…..

  32. Hell yeah it does, the blood of christ has been lowering the inhibitions of young men around the world for years

  33. mark murk

  34. Frying pan?

  35. Miss Shegas if you’re out there, look! – the kitchen utensil that must not be named!

  36. Lol @ “continence” well done, Walt

  37. I mean, we still have global warming? Goddamn it this PROVES Obama is Hitler!

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