Friday, July 16, 2010

The Terrible Type

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  1. lol! That was a great detailed description! Kudos to you, I’m glad you’ve avoided those pesky sparkle lines. I’d rather avoid my grandma’s 90th birthday however.

    Snacks can do that, as I’ve mentioned earlier my downfall is chips ahoy. So good, so chewy, but no sparkles I fear.

  2. Yes, Chips Ahoy are pretty awesome. I, however, prefer Double Stuf Oreos since they have lots of frosting and also a name that sounds like a sex act that would make Dan Fargis’ eyeballs melt.

    Off to bed now – I’d stay up later but it takes me at least half an hour to cover myself in plastic wrap to keep the residual glitter out of my bed sheets.

  3. Oh, and congratulations on being free of your company (assuming they actually left)!

  4. Oh, they left. I’ve had two and a half weeks of family visiting! When they left I attempted to came myself, I’m half way there. I have my wine, and my sanity is slowly coming home.

  5. Enjoy your double stuffed by the way, I’m off myself.

  6. •calm

    Yeap that’s right, I did not come just to clarify! Well maybe I will later, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes. (no pun intended)

  7. @mass (53),

    My penis is semi-retired. But it was a farmer of sorts. Mostly happily unsuccessful in raising any crops to maturity though. First it didn’t have any seeds. After those became available there was still a lack of any suitable soil. Then when some soil became available the seeds always seemed to be blocked by a latex membrane. Then the soil had undergone some chemical treatment which prevents seeds from being established. Then that program was cancelled but seeds were only allowed to be planted during the winter seasons when they shouldn’t have grown. Then there was some unplanned crop developmental success (or failure, depending on how you look at it). Now he’s semi-retired.

    Anyway, it sounds like the idea of a workin penis is quite novel to you. Has yours *never* worked? That’s a shame. 🙁

  8. I have no doubt that mass’s equipment is in excellent working order.

  9. Well it might do with some career guidance counseling anyway. I hope mass doesn’t think it’s ok to take it to a primary school and then try to put it to work! Think of the poor children!!

  10. Sitting in a crappy airport hotel in Manchester, flight to Florida delayed by an entire 24 hours. You’d better amuse me, Lamebook, cos the airline sure ain’t.

  11. Sondra’s post to me is a definite WIN.

    Coming from a french background when I was a child, there was a snake in the backyard and my french canadian mother ran around the house screaming for my(very english) father:
    Shnack Shnack!!! Help! Shnack!! come get Shnack!!!

  12. @68/ee It is in reference to this post, i’ve decided to follow the trend being set by everyone else… After having finally figured out how to actually -set- a link for your name. >.>
    @121/ee Right back atcha.

    Also… Does anybody else see the freaking dinasaur on the screen across from post 125? Or am I just tripping mad balls.

    @150/teo My grandmothers 90th just passed recently, forgot the memo about sparkling that shit up.

    On another note… Did anybody else think up ‘trouser snacks’ as well? Or was I the only one? Meh, tomorrows… Nope, it’s today now, but, there shall be new posts soon enough. Need sleeeep, and BritishHobo, that is like shit rolled up in a burrito and force-fed down your throat.

  13. nuff, I think that’s what they’re serving downstairs.

  14. @walter 157 … no, mine has never worked … always functioned though lol. Your farm analogy was a hilarious.

    @hobo .. I’ve never really ‘spoken’ to you but boy do I feel bad for you being in an airport for 24 hours. All the best in Fla.

    Ok how about some new posts there Lamebook.

  15. Damn u lamebook for not supplying an update while I’m at work..what am I supposed to do all day?

    I think you need to get some European admin people in to update for your international audience living in different timezones.
    I’ll do it for 50grand plus free sweets – just give us the nod.

  16. nuff, yup there’s a dinosaur. What’s that all about?

    British, I’m giving you an early welcome to my lovely state. Remember to use your sunblock, it’s hot here! Hope you enjoy your visit!


  18. because Samuel L Jackson does not like cake and chips lying around in his yard… especially if these foods are having sex with his mother at the time, or possibly any mother.

  19. I admit that I laughed at the second one, though ONLY for the typo, NOT the subject matter. And Danielle’s had me almost in stitches. 😀

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