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  1. Wow, just wow. How exactly did he interpret her status as “Tell me all about your sexual adventures last night! Right here, where the world can see!” ?

  2. I doubt Jeri will be sucking shannon’s titties any time soon.

  3. yeah pretty much wow is all i can say…

  4. CumDog keeps making the same typo. Instead of ‘girls’ he means ‘boys’.

  5. Isn’t “Jeri” typically the feminine spelling of Jerry? If this is a girl, it puts a whole new spin on her reply. If it’s a dude, well, I call shenanigans. Everyone knows you’re gay anyway, just stop overcompensating.

  6. i was reading it assuming it was a chick cuz of how jeri is spelled…and why would a dude taking his shirt off on stage be a big deal?

  7. Too…many…ellipses…not…fun…to…read… …

  8. Jeri was conned. I would never pay to have a private shit.

  9. What Jeri meant to say is that he went to Applebees with his wife, brother, and three kids, got wasted on pomegranate margaritas, fondled the waitress, and jumped up on the bar. He was then dragged to the kitchen, beaten senseless by the bartender and cooks, and spent the night unconscious in the alley while his brother went back to his place and banged his wife.

    Also, he likes to tell fake stories on Facebook about his sexual exploits as a way of dealing with the trauma of having a girl’s name.

  10. Never seen the singular of Titties, being “Tittie” in print. Bravo Jeri

  11. I dont wear gloves

    Who ate all the pies?

  12. WTF into a facepalm.

  13. ‘she sucked this bitchs tittie.’
    If Jeri’s a girl…I kinda wanna hang out with her.

  14. Awesome – I hate all that ‘”I’m thankful for my wonderful perfect family” shite, and this is the perfect antidote. However, it does raises more questions that it answers.

    Is Jeri male or female?
    If Jeri is male, is Shannon his girlfriend?
    If Jeri’s brother has a reputation to uphold, why is he hanging out in a stripbar?
    Why isn’t the fabulous Lamebook showing us the photos too?

    Jeri – I salute you, whoever the fuck you are.

  15. Discombobulated. Thats all im gunna say.

  16. I’m with Mercure.
    I have always loathed that “beautiful children, perfect family” crap.
    On the other hand, Jeri looks promising as a lifetime contributor to Lamebook.
    Sucks tittie not assie

  17. i wish i’d gone with jeri that night.

  18. I hate the whole American thanksgiving bullshit. Just saying. Also, I read that whole thing with Jeri as a chick, it was more interesting and made sense, to me.

  19. @Mercure — I think the reputation his brother was trying to uphold was one of sexual prowess, not the kind of good character that keeps you out of strip clubs. I interpreted it as his brother being pissed because he was jealous.

  20. I’m thinking Jeri is a girl. Most guys spell it “Jerry”, though I could be wrong.

    I’m betting that Shannon’s entire family is on her page, and saw Jeri’s comment. I’m also betting that 1/2 of them wish they had been out with Jeri, instead of sitting around with Shannon eating Turkey and cranberry sauce.

  21. Jeri: Today I’m thankful for not being tied down like you. Now let’s go suck some titties!

  22. douche alerttt

  23. I’m led to believe Jeri is female by the way she says to Shannon, “check out my photos girl”

  24. Let’s all just believe Jeri is a girl. That’s wayyyy less disturbing to me.

  25. “i love my family” = “tell me dirty stories”

    “I have a penchant for girls with French accents and A-cup titties. With that being said, I’d hit it.” = “i’ll tap that…shit i’ll tap anything that had a hole and is warm…well cold as last option”

  26. Smug-alert…

  27. #26

    I wish “I love my family” ALWAYS = “Tell me dirty stories”

  28. anita , that’s like my average evening with the family in the trailor park

  29. I happen to have first hand knowledge that Jeri is in fact female. And her brother is in law enforcement, hence the reputation comment.

  30. that comment was fantastic..who wants to hear about crap they are “thankful” for?? I am thankful for “freedom of speech”

  31. and freedom of titties

  32. and the freedom of pooters if the troll is given enough money

  33. Hey guys, Jeri adds the pauses… for us so we know… when to take a break and come back to it again… Thanks Jeri

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