Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess It’s Time to Die


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  1. “Thou[gh?] I walk through the vall[e]y of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil for i[sic] am a soldier”
    Shit man, valley isn’t the only typo you’ve just had permanantly etched into your skin. That stuff doesn’t come off in the shower like your previous tats.

  2. Tattoo artists truly need a college degree in English to help correct all the morons who walk through (thou) their doors.

    And that’s the nastiest looking arm I’ve seen in a while.

  3. @12 – clopper. awesome

  4. I knew a woman that got “SURVIOR” tattooed on her back, from left shoulder to right shoulder.

    It was supposed to say SURVIVOR.

    No, not because of the tv show. Although, she did have “Amazing Race” tattooed across her yatch.

  5. Where do I get a friend named Bu?

  6. LOL-a! =)

  7. @ Mcowles

    That is one big-ass tattoo mistake!!! omg. It’s true that other people’s pain is damned FUNNY.

  8. There are so many things wrong with this tattoo. Maybe he should have made sure that there wer’nt any spelling mistakes.

    Thou – refers to someone else, not yourself.
    The capital I looks a little out of place not to mention the tattoo artist has spelt valley wrong and forgotten to capitalise the other I. There should’nt be a , after no evil and has anyone else noticed at the top it says “detend” instead of “defend”?

    *head desk*

  9. @dirtyduke
    Thanks, that makes sense now. And speaks volumes about Dan too; more to be pitied than scolded. Almost.

    @Dr. Hymen
    Skitt’s law – none will be spared!

    “yatch”. Dear diary, today I learned two new words for vagina.
    Best. Lamebook. EVER!

  10. I like yatch. It kinda sounds like a combination of ‘snatch’ and ‘yacking’.

    It really makes me feel beautiful.

  11. He fails and he proud of it…typical..

  12. Though and thou are not
    synonym or homonyms.
    Dan is full of fail.

  13. So many spelling mistakes make my brain hurt.

  14. I love how the jackass that decided to point out the “valley” mistake totally ignored the whole “Though/thou” problem… what a dumbass… fail

  15. Cocks…

  16. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    It’s clearly not death before dishonour if you’re alive enough to pose for a picture of this failful tattoo. Good tattoos are good things, bad tattoos are plain fucking funny.

  17. Did Dan ever respond?

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  19. Maybe he could get a cover-up tattoo of the lyrics to Coolio’s Gangster’s Paradise?

  20. I can’t look at this without starting to sing Gangster’s Paradise. And yes, Thou should be Though. I like how they pointed out valley was misspelled but not that.

  21. Maybe this guy should have made sure his lover (sister) knew how to spell before allowing her to tattoo him. Although they more than likely live in a small town where everyone are inbred rednecks, so no local will notice.

  22. @Insane
    I don’t know about that man, the guy who pointed it out was named “Bu”. Sure sounds like a redneck name to me. Haha.

  23. “From the Album” – “The New Me”…. Brutal start

  24. It should either say:

    “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death [BIG FAT COMMA here] I shall fear no evil for I am a soldier.”


    “Thou [as in ‘you’] [BIG FAT COMMA here] I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. [or maybe even a semi-colon] I shall fear no evil, for I am a soldier.”

  25. Reminds me of the Aussie guy who was in Thailand, got drunk and had a tattoo of his favourite football team tattooed on his arm. He fell asleep in the chair after handing the tattooist a note.

    It read : 2007 Day Premiers Geelong Football Club.

    Obviously his handwriting wasn’t the best, because when the Tat was done, it read – “2007 GAY Premiers Geelong Football Club.”

  26. dancefloorjustice

    HBM, it also said on his note which arm he wanted what. ie Right arm
    2007 Day Premiers etc

    Left arm
    Geelong Football Club

    So, along with the incorrect spelling, his arms are now labelled for future reference.

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