Monday, May 24, 2010

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  1. Ben.

  2. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    sighs. why people post all this TMI stuff is beyond me…

  3. WTF is wrong with Jenny and Ruby?!

    “Whoo! I have a vagina, and men want to put their dicks in it! I’m special!!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!1eleventy one!!!”

  4. Lindsey’s the sane one in the group.

  5. lame, lame, lame

    ben 5

  6. TylerDurdenUMD

    Jenny and Ruby need to be beaten. And once the kid is born, include Melissa to the list.

  7. MsBuzzkillington

    Chad’s post made me laugh.

    I don’t really see what’s wrong with Melissa’s post. It seems like she is just excited about being close to having her baby. Her post is really not that gross or disturbing.

  8. Chad stuck it to a pillow, so what? All men try that, at least once.

    Mohammed is prepping for his colonoscopy, I get his status totally.

  9. rockinghorsefly

    Tim has probably guaranteed that no woman will ever have sex with him again.

  10. MsBuzz, I just hope this is her status from last November, because if it’s for this one, someone needs to tell her the baby isn’t cooked yet.

  11. lol

  12. Melissa’s announcing that she’s having sex. It’s like the people that gush about “trying” to have a baby. We get it. Please keep it to yourself.

  13. @Vox: agreed. i hate that saying! “trying to have a baby.” really!?!

  14. I vote Jenny and Ruby off the earth.

  15. “Trying not to have a baby” is my motto.

  16. Jenny is the worst!!

  17. if you are the first person to comment on your own status, you are incredibly lame.

  18. wait, wait; Melissa should have her baby soon but no later than November 10, like in 7 months? Is she dumb or is it me?

  19. margo, it was probably submitted a while ago…

  20. People like Melissa and her friend, and the fact that they both might have kids, makes me lose faith in humanity and the next generation of kids……

  21. @Jaz: Especially one minute later!

  22. oh well, I guess I’m the dumb one now 🙂

  23. Lindsey wins.

  24. I’m caught up on the name Shaminga. hahahaha what?!

  25. Ruby, noone cares…. go and fuck yourself.

    Jenny, read above information.

  26. viewing mohammed’s feedback from the colon cleaning. nice.

  27. Mellisa Sounds like a bit of a whore. Then again there are the losers out there that don’t stick around when they get someone pregnant.

    I can understand how that happened to Chad. I have woke up from sex dreams before hammering away at my pillow. The best way to have a threesome without catching crabs. Or a case of the Ben.

  28. Oh, come on. I can’t believe I shaved my balls just to read today’s submissions.

    And I nicked my scrote, too. For shame, Lamebook…now get on your knees.

  29. Lindsey made me laugh out loud. Short, sweet and to the point.

  30. I love how Ruby’s request for a “hey-ho” got one response. Her own.

  31. Paranoid Android

    Just found a bit of tinsel in my arse crack, last Christmas was heavy.

    Fail – Fail – Win – Fail – Fail – Fail – Fail, time to step up lamebook or get off the pot.

  32. Does Ruby even have any friends on Facebook. Hell, maybe she thought it was so funny she submitted it herself too.

  33. these people are such attention whores.

  34. My oh my. So Jenny actually announced to the world that her boyfriend wants her pussy and she’s not going to let him have it? Geez I’ll bet there were some pictures too, but LB left them out.

    This is what my bf wants (picture of her snizz)
    This is me not letting him have it (picture of her on a lawn chair doing the shocker)
    And this is me wearing my favorite strap-on (you get the picture. Literally. You get it cuz it’s posted.)

  35. Lindsey took the words right out of my mouth, but that isn’t enough. I would go and bitchslap Jenny.

  36. Chads post made me LOL. a feather in his pants hahaha

  37. Heterosexuals kinda make me a little sick…

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