Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Snap, it’s the Weekend


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  1. Cretins..

  2. 85% of the things said in that comments section was incomprehensible…save for the brilliant Alex’s two cents on the matter.

  3. Alex made the most sense! FTW!!!

    Beating your wife? I thought that act dies at the turn of this century. Come on people, come out of the dark ages now!

  4. is this supposed to make sense?

  5. lol Insane, you’re very naive. wife-beating is unfortunately alive and well.

  6. I feel like I’m finding this more confusing than it actually is… What is going on here?

  7. Wikipedia told me that a wifebeater is slang for a sleveless shirt. Usually worn by douchebags.

  8. I have fergie song stuck in my head now.

  9. love the insult ye well your good at sex as well haha XD

  10. Don’t know the fuck what they’re going on about but I already hate Tammy.

  11. A wifebeater is like a men’s tank top. But I still don’t understand why you’d need a man’s tank top to masturbate.

    It’s really confusing that Jonathan isn’t ECSTATIC at only being good for sex. Jon, put your pants back on. Your vagina is showing.

  12. The Scarlet Pimple

    Umm…does he mean she needs like some white trash punk in a wifebeater in order to get off? If so, zing! Badly phrased zing…but still a zing, possibly?

  13. I am lost, but not so lost as to not KNOW I’m lost.

  14. That seems plausible, The Scarlet Pimple. But it also seems a little bit too witty of a thing to say for good ol’ Jon. At least he was trying…

  15. I think Tammy’s boyfriend is an actual wifebeater (as opposed to the men’s singlet). However,he doesn’t send her to jail and doesn’t fuck other girls in her apartment, so he’s all good.

  16. Yeah, I read that as Tammy’s boyfriend beating the shit out of her when he got home from the pub, not as a singlet. I think my way makes more sense, the singlet variation would be parallel with me calling someone a t-shirt, which isn’t really an insult.

  17. Wow — that required a little decryption to understand.

  18. The Scarlet Pimple

    I don’t know if any decryption could make it intelligible. I’m not sure even Tammy and Jonathan know what they’re saying…I sure as hell don’t. Tammy’s husband used to beat her, Tammy’s into white trash, Tammy and Jon used to fuck? Who knows.

  19. I’m a little sad that no one pointed out her little status poem.

    So, did Tammy send Jon to jail and then screw other girls in his apartment? or maybe she screwed boys in her apartment? I am so confused.

  20. There is also a possibility that Tammy and Jon are siblings…
    At least by reading this ‘clap trap’ it seems so.

  21. Just shameless, the way Jonathan and Tammy flirt with each other.

  22. So many idiots, so few bullets.

  23. @Village Idiot

  24. fuckin peasants

  25. How many blokes would actually complain if their girlfriends only used them for sex???

  26. @25 approximately the same amount of blokes that watch chickflicks without it being part of trying to bed a chick and cry every time they watch Bambi, but for some reason aren’t actually gay. In short, metrosexuals and emo kids would be the only ones to complain about that.

  27. @26: LMFAO! I second that motion!!!

    @22: Also agreed!!

    Maybe Jonathan knows that Tammy and her boyfriend have really kinky sex, and maybe that is why Jonathan is so hurt. He knows he cannot perform asphyxiation and bondage without severely hurting his partner. R.I.P. (really idiotic pussy) Jon, you prude emo you!

  28. I’m only good for sex, but nobody is complaining

  29. OK, what I’m getting is that Tammy is bitter at Jonathon for something, probably dating related – perhaps she wanted to date him before finding out he only wanted sex (and a couple of times only at that.)
    They then start flinging out the ex-insults, based on information exchanged during the text.msn conversations in which Tammy thought she was laying the foundations for a relationship, and Jonathon was trying to figure how far Tammy would go how fast.
    Jon is taunting Tammy because her ex hit her, Tammy retaliates by pointing out that Jonathon’s ex cheated on him and somehow managed to send him to jail. Probably for statutory.
    Alex pitches in with a half-assed show of support, which mightily relieves Tammy, who would like to wrap up this convo before Jon brings up the stuff that she told him in private about her genital warts.

  30. This is classic Tammy.

  31. @ Noobie you have Fergie and i have Rhianna.

  32. Thanks a lot for clearing that up Jelly , i was starting to think that i somehow had a brain trauma that damaged my ability to understand english sentences

  33. Alex could have said ‘oh snap’ as in like the card game snap. In which case he’s actually saying “snap! my boyfriend also sent me to jail and fucked girls in our apartment”

    He is saying this as a show of solidarity to Jonathan, who in all fairness can’t be THAT good in bed or Tammy would be flapping her other set of lips instead of all this trash talk.

  34. See the thing is…all of those comments happened within 3 or 4 minutes of each other. She makes the status update: 1 minute later, guy comments. 1 minute later, comment. comment, comment, comment…I mean, unless they’re really sitting there waiting for that alert to notify them so they can immediately reply, this looks highly suspect of being fake!

  35. I don’t know that the short span between updates indicates fakery as much as it indicates these two losers have no life and since they are obviously having a little loves spat, they are very invested in trading the “witicisms” back and forth to the exclusion of any other sort of activity.

    This is what happens when idiots have no jobs or lives to eat up their days, the most important thing becomes checking to see if one or the other has responded yet. They belong together.

  36. “oh snap!”
    “thanks alex”
    [their secret handshake follows]

  37. bahaha, nice comment contradick

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