Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Best Kind…

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  2. you’re a fag!

  3. Jalapeno chips are still better.

  4. an unoriginal fag

  5. I am envious of the snack options available to Americans. Now I shall have to track down an importer of these jalapeno chips…

  6. slicingupeyeballs

    Hmmm, I wonder if there is any correlation between the snack options available to Americans, and the preponderance of immense lardarses wallowing around their nation…?

  7. @slicing, I blame high fructose corn syrup.

  8. And all that freaking holiday candy. It’s always a holiday!

  9. If you want holidays, try Mexico. Of course, their candy isn’t nearly as sweet, but Mexicans find any excuse to party. Can’t blame them, though.

  10. Those Mexicans have got the right idea; they seem to make up for their lack of sweet candy with tasty tasty beer. And tequila.

  11. and sombreros.

  12. None here are Mexican I assume cus Mexico actually has very sweet candy and very good chips. Nothing better than eating some spicy crunchy chips and washing it down with a nice cold cerveza.

  13. I can think of something better: not getting explosive diarhea along with a torture session from the local corrupt police/drug lords…

  14. Really? That seems like it would be your kind of thing.

  15. I never watched Chips

  16. I like modern cop shows where the cops are depicted as brutal, corrupt, sexually-insecure assholes.
    it’s more realistic.

  17. Sweet candy in Mexico? Chamoy of Fruit, Lucas Pelucas, Chile Mango Paleta, Pulparindo…

    Need I say more?

  18. What Mexicans call “sweet,” Americans call “salty”. If you want something really sweet, head up to Canada, where you can find things so sweet, your teeth will hurt. My Canadian mom loves that stuff.

  19. alright shut up about mexicans, i tried to go to that website and there wasnt anything there. what was that pic supposed to be does anyone know?

  20. ^?

  21. slappy, help a sister out… What in fuck are you talking about?

  22. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think slappy tried typing the link given in the post and it didn’t work. So now (s)he is wondering what the link went to.
    If so, Slappy: it’s just the link to the pic below it, which is a pic from an old tv show called Chips.
    Not sure if links work in these comments but I’ll try posting it here.

  23. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think slappy tried typing the link given in the post and it didn’t work. So now (s)he is wondering what the link went to.
    If so, Slappy: it’s just the link to the pic below it, which is a pic from an old tv show called Chips.
    I tried posting the link but it said commenting awaiting moderation so, yeah…

  24. Thanks, Ceci; you may be right.

    And slappy, everything I said about Mexico / Mexicans was meant in the highest regard. Don’t be upset by mad2’s assessment of the corrupt Policía and drug lords. He just had a bad experience, is all.

  25. Actually I’ve never been, the climate is far too warm for my taste. And Mexicans are just fine, slappy, it’s MEXICO I was complaining about.

  26. Of course, if Mexico were so great, US citizens would be trying to sneak south over the border rather than the other way around…
    As a staunch supporter of free immigration, of course, I believe we should allow them full citizenship.

  27. Nice, mad2 *thumbs up* OUR ridiculous politicians (in Aus) create legislation and processes for the mandatory detention of asylum seekers. What. the. fuck?

  28. I had the chance of having Jalapeno chips from Mexico- I HATE hot food but it was that or the queso flavour- those were the most awesome tasting chips. I’d go back just for the chips.

    That t.v. show looks like it was before my days. Never heard of it.

  29. What do you mean ‘What. the. fuck?’, Bacchante?
    There are refugees POURING into ausfailure on a sometimes-daily-but-mostly-not basis. some of these filthy, little, brown, so-called ‘refugees’ are coming in from Afghanistan and Iraq. You know – the countries we just finished democratising in the name of freedom? Well, they are muslims you know. Foreigners. We cannot claim to know how these brown people’s brains work.
    They may harbour some completely illogical grudge that somehow the ausf. people might be responsible for the actions of the ausf. govt. Or something equally crazed. They may be pissed at having to watch as their families/villages/lives were thrown into the threshing machines of war.
    We need protecting from these impoverished, damaged assholes. And at least the ones who are locked up can say they avoided having their boat sunk by border patrol.

  30. Ah, so the whites who flock here in droves or overstay their visas in the attempt of obtaining permanency / citizenship, they’re not a threat? But the brown ones are? Got it.

  31. Oh, and I know that I failed with my sentence structure ^ there. Angry.

  32. I think it’s more interesting that they consider any foreigner more of a threat than the average home-grown footy-loving meathead in a commodore ute.
    I know who I’d rather lock up.

  33. Fair call.

  34. MsAnneTrope, always just wanted to say, **hello**, now fuck and give me 10

  35. Nice discussion. Ms.Anne took her meds today.

  36. ^yeah sure. meds.

  37. ms Thrope, are u Dylan?

  38. #busted

  39. no

  40. dammmm

  41. fuchal? haha, your meat head bashing is pretty much word for word of one of his posts elsewhere…

  42. I’ll be the judge of that…….Where is this elsewhere that you speak of?

  43. stfu lol

  44. I have no idea what you are talking about. And I’m ok with that.

  45. if you’re ok, I’m ok.

  46. “I’m OK, you’re OK, We’re all right, we’re fine
    I thought I saw a semi-trailer
    Greg! You missed the stop sign!”

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