Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back Up

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  1. this is stupid and fake.. nobody can be that fuckin dumb

  2. This is about as real as Pamela Anderson’s breasts.

  3. or Chaz Bono’s cock

  4. lololol moms are so clueless about sex lololol

  5. I’m a trusting guy…I should bb allowed to go in emilys back door too

  6. I don’t see why it’s “obviously fake.”
    Mom could just have a good sense of humor and she’s playing along.

  7. The second Emily’s mom introduces herself to the thread as “Hi (my daughter’s boyfriend), this is Emily’s mom,” it became the fakest post on the internetz.

  8. hopefully she was jsut playing along. cause if not. . . sounds like’s it was gonna be another pounding on the back door for emily when she got home

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    Why not try to make things so obviously fake? I love boobs.

  10. also.. if they’re obviously friends on fb, why does she have to say “Hi Mike, this is Emily’s mom” ..super fake

  11. Stupid person + fake thread = obviously fake, because they think everyone is as stupid as they are.
    And @ Motorboatin’ Mik3, trusting is not the same thing as trustworthy.

  12. klawmama, GTFO!!!

  13. Fake or not, I thought it was pretty funny. I have a feeling either Margaret was playing along, or she was fraped.

    You don’t have to be friends with someone in order to comment on their status, as long as one of your friends has commented on their status already.

  14. Faker than MsAnne’s dick pussy.

  15. ^ Wants it, bad.

  16. ^keep the fire burning, dawg.

  17. Paranoid Android72

    yodawg – Man, you are so funny, you crossed out dick and put pussy inferring that MsAnne is more of a woman than a man. Fucking legend.

  18. Oh…is that what he meant? It was too subtle for my feeble comprehension.

  19. I know that it’s been established that this post is fake, but this is so fake that it’s awkward. Fuck you Mike, Emily and,Maggie, you douche nozzles., I’m embarrassed for you.

  20. “Awkward Fake” I like that

  21. Bonus challenge, rewrite how that conversation would go with Stacy and her mom.

    Mike: finally got in the back door!
    Stacy’s mom: lol shh mike don’t brag
    Chad: hive five bro
    Mike: TY! So proud
    Stacy: what? I let you in the back door no big deal
    Mike: omg sorry
    Stacy: for what? you come in our back door all the time
    Stacy’s mom: Stacy, get off facebook now …

  22. I’m down for that challenge!

    mike:finally got in the back door!

    /everyone instantly unfriends mike for being too much of a chore.

  23. But how do I unsubscribe from Jimsthename’s comments on Lamebook?

  24. Paranoid Android72

    Bacchante – I sincerely hope you registered my sarcasm, otherwise you sir/madam are a tosspot x

  25. PA: Wtf is sarcasm?

  26. sarcacsm is what they use to make cunts out of in the lab

  27. but the labs use that highly-refined processed sarcasm. Wild sarcasm raped straight from nature is better on so many levels.

  28. Grrrrrr primitve, nice

  29. Nobody said Emily was his girlfriend…

  30. Did anyone notice that this entry was insincere ?

  31. PA, I know enough about you to know that you are fluent in sarcasm.
    But I’m a tosspot in other (bukkake) ways.

    And thanks for the kiss x

  32. Seems real to me, she was obviously having a laugh she’s not that dumb.

  33. Every mom KNOWS when her daughters been reamed in the ass!

  34. ^just because your mom noticed when you came home torn and bleeding, doesn’t mean they all do. You just have a really attentive mom. And I really mean that.

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