Thursday, February 2, 2012


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  1. LameSteverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. vaginalroundhouse




  5. hootie the blowfish

    Jenna’s an asshole. The library is not the same as Netflix. The library is like a video rental store, meaning you actually have to go there in person and the selection isn’t as big as a giant online service.

  6. hootie.. I think you’re the asshole for putting so much thought into such a stupid post.

  7. Hootie you dumb fuck, what century are you living?

    Both the libraries I’m a member of allow me to view an e-book on my iPad, iPhone, PC, whatever. Sounds like the same as Netflix’s streaming to me.

    Before you get all bitch-nuts about the selection, NetFlix is a GREAT analogy. A lot of stuff they have on DVD that isn’t streaming, so go suck a fart, Jenna is awesome, and I want to pat her puppy.

  8. I second that. Hootie is the asshole.

  9. Who uses Yahoo anymore?

  10. ^I do. Add me so i can block you.

  11. My private parts are screaming, “Massage me”

  12. ^not “scratch me”?

  13. Hootie’s right. The library is like Blockbusters not Netflix.

    It’s not like you have to walk into a Netflix building to select your movie. If there was a library that allowed you to read online, and rate the books so they show you more options that might be of interest to you…

    And this a boring topic to put so much thought into anyway… so the fuck what about libraries and movie companies. Hawkbit lean a lil’ closer for that massage…

  14. Hey Saffuck. If it’s such a boring topic to put much thought into, then why the long anal(l)lysis?

  15. #14, eat shit and die

  16. Can someone please explain why the first one is funny??

  17. No. If you don’t understand why that is tragic, then you get lumped in with Shawn and we will assume you have zero taste in reading material. Sorry about that.

  18. #15 been there done that. So what else do you hold in that veritable verbal arsenal?

  19. 18. drink acidic bile and die? (is there any other kind)

  20. ^Versatile lil’ cunt ain’t ya?

  21. ooooh i love it when you speak foreign

  22. CUNT.
    (Well, I thought of other witty retorts too, but just couldn’t be bothered to type ’em out).
    So, CUNT.
    This is where you rack your brains to come up with some incredibly rude thing to say to me (yawn).
    I think The Shining is playing on HBO.

  23. Me rude, i rather play the flute on some chicks breast nipples than waste brain cells(the few i have left) to say “Cunt” back to you.

  24. Jack Nicholson is such an awesome actor. You almost feel the fear seep through your skin when he breaks down that door and says, “Here’s Johnny!”.

  25. quick quiz, in what movie did Jack Nicholson say the line “Truth! You can’t handle the truth”


  26. ‘Cause when you reach over and put your hand into a pile of goo, that was your best friend’s face, you’ll know what to do! Forget it, Marge, it’s Chinatown!

  27. ‘What is this? a centre for ants?’

  28. Quick fact about The Shining.. all the indoor scenes were filmed down the street from my cousins house in New Jersey. Place used to be a hotel. Now I think it’s an old person home.

  29. You would have to hate your parents an awful lot to install them at that place.

  30. hey, I dont agree with it.. I’m just stating a fact. The Shining hotel is now a retirement home. haha

  31. Quick fact: I’m very constipated.

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