Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stupid and Crazy

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  1. Bring_back_fingering

    I’d still fingerbang that. And tap a tune on the foetus’s head. But what tune?

  2. it’s this overwhelming dedication to completely fucking up the blurring of faces/names that keeps the joy alive around here.

  3. Ditto^
    Why no face blurring??

  4. RE: Face blurring

    It’s like Lamebook just stopped trying. Lame.

  5. Hope at some point someone points out that you’re pregnant for 40 weeks not 30, unless you’re going for a premi baby…easier to push out!!

  6. ^it’s so she doesn’t have to take up smoking to keep the birth weight down. I like her. She has a nice face.

  7. Codename Dutchess

    Our schools need to do more to teach teens about ways to practice safer sex; anal, for example. That’s something I can really get behind and put my dick in.

  8. Actually CD, you can get pregnant from anal sex. Tears can happen in and around the area of the anus that would allow for sperm to enter the vagina.

    Heck, you can get pregnant just from having a guy orgasming outside and near your vaginal opening. If you’re wet enough the sperm can work it’s way into the vulva, find the vagina, and boom! You’re pregnant.

    The only safe sex is no sex except with a partner you trust and a two or more different kinds of birth control.

  9. butterscotchcandy

    Spanka, it says 25 weeks down. The two is just cropped out a bit.

    Sorry to be the buzzkill.

  10. jesus fucking wept jamisings. high school sex ed is down the corridor to the left.

  11. Codename Dutchess

    jamisings- Fire counts as birth control, right? I’m also without a cervix so the possibility of me getting pregnant is 0. Thank you for the horrifying mental images, though.

    If anyone needs me I’ll be naked in the shower, crying like an assault victim.

  12. look, seeming as you’re already naked and crying…do you mind if I…?

    can you scooch over a bit?

  13. What jamisings says about anal tearing is true – that’s what happened with Mary and Joseph, anyway.

    Oh wait… is this the wrong thread for the Jesus discussion?

  14. slicingupeyeballs

    Damn, ‘anal tearing’ would have been a great user name…

  15. Reddit has ruined Lamebook for me. I see the same posts two days apart. Lamebook users need to step up their submissions!

  16. its okay codename.. I dont have a vulva either.. I have a dick. Its way better.

  17. *cervix

  18. Codename Dutchess

    MsAnne, there will always be room for you to shower off our collective shame and regret. The water flows free and lukewarm, just like my tears.

    trippinn, I agree. Try as I might, drawing a moustache on a vulva and placing a sombrero on it doesnt create the same “festive” feel as it does for a penis.

  19. i try to put my dick in a sombrero at least once a week

  20. It’s especially funny if the sombrero is still being worn by a Mexican.

  21. #18, Dutchess, baby, I have neither shame nor regret. I was just going to abuse you while you were fragile. I don’t think i should be judged for that.

  22. i will abuse both of you.. with my monster dong

  23. So, what’s new?

  24. Not much, just getting ready to watch trippinn abuse a couple of birds with his, you know, dong. Make me a sandwich will ya?

  25. Anal Tearing might also work as a band name.

  26. Anal Ternative?

  27. Bacchante has a spot in my shower already. That is, after her slutty nurse routine at the strip joint.

  28. “If anyone needs me I’ll be naked in the shower, crying like an assault victim.”

    ^ best lamebook quote since “you pack of muppets”

    I really wish there was a *like* option here. I wouldn’t have to take up the comments section lol’ing at something, makes me look kinda like, well… A muppet.

  29. I DA PAPI

  30. 5 months later she got a new phone? So what?
    Another lame update from lamebook

  31. How does she know that the baby ain’t ugly?

  32. lolololol dat gurl got preggers dum ho lolololololooool

  33. ^what were you going for here?

  34. haha really.. im with MsAnne

  35. I believe that’s a Disney nametag on her counter there. I worked there for a while… that’s exactly what they look like

  36. Then, she bought a htc…

  37. Lord, that is NOT a pretty girl and quite possibly, a moronic one at that.

  38. ^is it you? the face in your pic is too small to really see for sure.
    but you look a lot fatter.

  39. Nuh-uh. I reckon it’s her older (jealous) sister. Suzielizabeth is righteously pissed off because little sis is still getting all the attention.

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