Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick Question

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  1. I found this neither slightly amusing nor lame, it’s probably down to the most boring thing I’ve ever read.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Mario.

  3. Same here, Mario. If anything, it’s just offensive. I’m not against offensive, but if it’s dull and offensive, it’s not worth the effort of reading it.

  4. Now now, Bryan said to “think deep,” so let’s try to do that.

  5. Do I get to choose where I get stabbed, christopherlovet? Because I’ve been thinking hard, and I think I’d prefer to be stabbed.

  6. In the vagina. With a dick.

  7. Or, like, stabbed in the buttock. With an arrow or something else suitably comedic.

  8. christ. all some people do here is complain. it makes my head do a big hurty.

  9. ive been raped and stabbed.. I preferred the raping.

  10. It’s not really rape if you want it though, is it? Or act like you want it, even.

  11. …or dress like you want it.
    Those nuns!…or catholic schoolgirls. Why complain abut rape if you’re gonna walk around in fetish-wear?
    And if a female cop ever comes to your house – NEVER call out “The strippers here!” Those cunts have zero sense of humour – but they do have pepper spray.

  12. Codename Dutchess

    The only time a rape joke is funny is when it involves a clown.

  13. because clowns are hilarious?

  14. Codename Dutchess

    Clown rapes are hilarious.

  15. cop rapes are hilarious.

  16. Oh so topical for QLD at the moment too! Take THAT female police officer!

  17. fuck off.. rape is ALWAYS funny

  18. except when it is really horny.

  19. Raped, it is more sexual

  20. Harley Quinn being raped by the Batman. Mmmmm.

  21. michael vick being raped by scooby doo

  22. As bad as the post was, you guys made up for it in the comments! Kudos, you pack of muppets. 🙂

  23. ^^ …because they all reeked of that “LAME” factor??

  24. ^no. Because all the comments are anagrams. When unscrambled, they spell out an ancient Jain mantra that gives one the ability to continuously boob-fuck an Asian hooker for more than a year, while at the same time giving the person the recipe for the perfect french fry.

  25. I mean…exactly.

  26. How the hell do you boob-fuck an Asian hooker? They inherit their boobs from their fathers.

  27. ^some of them purchase their boobage from plastic surgeons.

    Although, the ones with fake tits are generally swinging a penis as well.

  28. It’s an offer package. Buy two tits, get a free penis.

  29. ugh I’m torn but I don’t think I can resist having dick in me

  30. Was it a dick that tore you in the first place?

  31. sorry but I personally don’t go for your mickey mouse one dick bullshit. Try taking two bisexual brazilian men in your hole at once. They were getting off on the friction caused by their hard dicks destroying my sphincter (even when there was perfectly good poon nextdoor).

  32. Well, yeah. That’ll do it.

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