Monday, July 26, 2010

LumberJacked Up

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  1. Stever!!!!111one!one!!111

  2. What a bunch of fuckwits

  3. Drunken frisbee is so dangerous . . .

  4. damn, someone logged in before me…

  5. Stupid little prick.

  6. The only thing remotely funny in this one is Paul’s comment… I’m wondering if he’s still drunk.

  7. Man, that’d just sad. I think I am too old to find this funny. I just frowned instead.

  8. alordslums: “a comment thats not funny”

  9. @ GrahamDunk – yeah. me too. Even if the grandparents didn’t notice, who the fuck cuts down a 50 yr old tree? And his little bitch ass is just trying to get laughs on Facebook.

  10. they cut a 50 year-old tree down??? that’s a lot of work for a bunch of drunken dudes…

  11. I’m kind of disappointed. I was waiting for Morgan to say that the tree had fallen on his grandparents house…

  12. morninghasbroken

    Statuses like this one are annoying. They bait you into asking, “ooh what happened?!”

  13. These people really make me rage. You cut down an extremely sentimental tree that has been there for 50 years, just because of a frisbee?? You could have just said you were playing with the frisbee by yourself you prick!

  14. Morgan is a wanker! I call bullshit anyway.

  15. Morgan,

    I’m sure you thought this little story would cement (or start) your reputation as a hard-partying, wild man about town, but you failed. In reality, you sound like a bit of a dork.

    Exhibit A. your original cry for help was weak, and lacking that genuine edge of panic (eg. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK !!!!!! IM SO SCREWED!!! I NEED TO GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY NOW!!!!!)

    Exhibit B. Your party consisted of approximately 5 guys. Thats not a party, it’s a couple of mates having some beers.

    Exhibit C. Frisbee? really?

    Exhibit D: You choose to cut the tree down, even though you obviously knew about it’s significance – why the fake surprise?

  16. What dispicable, irresponsible twats! I’m sorry but JESUS, what the hell is wrong with them?! How selfish and heartless. I would disown them if I were the grandparents! GOD.

  17. This just makes me sad. Those poor grandparents. I can’t believe they were too drunk to get a Frisbee out of a tree but not too drunk to cut it down.

  18. I agree with l.o.l. (14). It’s a fake story, aimed at impressing the Shelbies of this world.

    And seeing as she responds with “ha ha lol” and “o shit”, it seems to working.
    The only sensible response from Shelbie would have been “Pics or it didn’t happen, you pathetic wanker.”

  19. This story is nonsense. If you’ve had enough to drink to think that cutting down a 50 year old tree is the best way to get a frisbee out of it, you’re more likely to cut your own arm off than do any damage to the tree.

  20. stupid drunkards.

  21. assholes. I hope grandma and grandpa make them buy a new one, go through the incredibly onerous process of removing the stump of the family heirloom tree they desecrated, and rectify it all by planting a new one. What a bunch of selfish fucktards.

  22. Why didn’t they climb the damn tree and get it down? Or throw something at the firsbee to knock it out of the tree. Isn’t that the time honored tradition?

  23. MORGAN!!! You have some splainin to do!

  24. This is the kind of clueless, unconscionably destructive asshole that makes me frustrated that my sense of right and wrong prevents homicide. I would want to destroy something precious of his, but he probably doesn’t value anything enough. Urghhh poor grandparents!

  25. i say fake.ive done some pretty stupid and reckless shit while intoxicated,but cut a 50 year old tree down..that seems like a lot of work.too much work for drunk people.and what did they cut it with? did they all grab a handsaw and go for it? or a couple hatchets and an axe..?

  26. yeah, chopping firewood can really work the drunk out of you, i call fake as well

  27. Yeah right! A 50 year old tree that had to be freaking huge with drunks cutting it down and no one got killed. Fake!

  28. Depending on your part of the world, a 50-year old ‘huge’ tree needn’t be that large. Also, a chainsaw is the weapon of choice when cutting down trees. A handsaw? An axe? Do you people live in the 19th century?

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