Monday, July 26, 2010

Updates from the UN-BORN!

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  1. The other thing is, babies and dogs and cats are like me, they don’t want 1000 facebook friends. We want some titty milk and a nap. Leave US the fuck alone!!

  2. i love malteaser too

    @ Sensible Madness: Amy is probably doing the same thing as you are. She buys Farmville cash points with her baby’s credit card.

  3. what the hell is wrong with people..

  4. #2 is literally the worst thing i’ve seen on here

  5. I’m five months pregnant at the moment, and wouldn’t dream of doing something like this. I refuse to add my friend’s kids on facebook, when they haven’t even hit one yet, especially because they put awful status updates like ‘Marcus loves hes nanny’. No word of a lie. Not to mention the baby’s father would probably cut the baby from me and make a run for it if I was to do something so horrifying to his child as make it a facebook page.

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