Monday, November 12, 2012

She’s Got a Point

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  1. Wait, so then if I kill a few coworkers, it’s the same as exfoliating? Is that the logic that I’m seeing here?

  2. Cue Republican-esque vs. Democrat-esque debate around abortion…

  3. I kill people before they can produce John Connor, does that count?

  4. This is why women get so emotional during their period. Every month they’re mourning another dead baby.

  5. This also explains why women hate BJs. No one likes swallowing millions of dead babies. Well, almost no one.

  6. Skin cells don’t form a human life tho.

  7. ^Exacry

  8. Once conception is over, the DNA of the newly-fertilized egg is different from that of the mothers and fathers. A zygote is no more a part of a woman’s body than the bacteria that digest our food in our colon but the difference is that bacteria isn’t human. Eggs/sperm aren’t the same because they still contain the DNA of the parent, a fertilized egg however is a different life form because it has different DNA. It’s basic biology.

  9. ^ Yes. Everyone agrees on the basic biology.

    The disagreement comes over whether or not the uninvited human has a right to grow inside another human.

    If a kid needs a kidney, do we force mom to donate one? Strap her down and do the surgery? I mean, we’re talking about a fully formed child. That mom is responsible for. And kidney donation can be less risky than pregnancy. Sure, mom should donate. But we can’t force her to. It being her body and all…

  10. who gives a fuck… in a seriously overcrowded planet that increases human population exponentially any way to slow that down is good

    morality won’t feed you when food production can’t keep up with demand

  11. Those girls are all hot, I’d like to abort a few million kids all over their faces

  12. sack up and fight the power nancy

    some people are smart enough to realize they will raise a child to say yolo and not know how to merge, so nip it in the bud is all.

  13. ^ Some people are smart enough to use birth control, and save themselves the trouble. Oh, and save money.

  14. Aw come on! If only Lamebook had posted this yesterday. I’m in charge of a preggo friends shower and I JUST sent my invitation design off. Now I’m going to look like a fool emailing the printer back to correct it.
    Which sounds better? “Congratulations on your parasitic cells!”
    Or “You are invited to attend a shower in honor of Andrea and her aversion to exfoliating?”
    “Welcome clump” just doesn’t have the same ring to it 🙁
    So many decisions!

  15. sack up and fight the power nancy

    @beatus some people aren’t that smart, so they drop down to the second smart level, which i described, i assumed if we were talking about people of the status, they’d fall to the second tier.

  16. @beaut no single contraceptive is 100% effective. There is still a chance a girl will get pregnant even if she or her partner or even both of them are using contraception.
    Also NHS pays for all the abortions I could ever want.

  17. WTF is wrong with people abortion under certain circumstances ie rape or abuse is to a degree understandable it is after all a womans right to choose if she wants to bring a life into the world that stems from violence and pain. HOWEVER MAYBE PEOPLE SHOULD TRY USING CONTRACEPTION IF THEY DONT WANT KIDS, instead of using abortion as a fall back coz they were so drunk they forgot the pill or condom,the proceedure is unpleasent and the mental effects can be horrific its not a simple and easy to do as some people think, I am for the most part anti abortion however i dont think a woman that has been raped and put through that kind of ordeal should then be forced to carry an egg fertalised during that horrific time. @francescaff that last statement on ur post is disgusting! ps im very aware my spelling sucks.

  18. @icegal8o I’ll name my next aborted foetus after you.

  19. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.

  20. I’m a beaut now. Awesome!

  21. @icegal80, once your an adult you’ll understand things a little bit better. Sometimes adults get put into difficult situations, not just being “so drunk they forgot.”

  22. Exfoliated skin cells are already dead… that’s why you exfoliate them… Embryonic stem cells are alive in the sense that they will, unless otherwise prevented from doing so, eventually form a human fetus. I don’t understand the logic of this post…

  23. @smimp: …and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom!

  24. @anonymice The fact that one person in this post thinks skin cells can be equated to a fertilized egg/embryo says exactly that people DON’T agree on basic biology. It is fact, but it is not a particularly well-known one so that is quite understandable but to say that “everyone agrees” is far from the truth.

    We aren’t talking about saving the life of a human headed towards death or serious illness, we are talking about extinguishing a life that is there. Your analogy doesn’t work in this situation because you are killing, not neglecting to save, a life. Just because the results are the same (the death of a child) does not mean the same morals can be applied to both situations. The difference between a mother not donating a kidney and a mother having an abortion is the same as the difference between watching a man being mugged while doing nothing and mugging the man yourself. Yes have a legal responsibility to not mug someone, not so in the case of stopping a mugging (though calling the police I believe is required)

  25. *you

  26. francescaff wins this thread with her pearler in comment # 18.
    Move along, please… there’s nothing more to see here.

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