Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Can’t Believe How Sick I Feel

I Can't Believe How Sick I Feel

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  1. i just DON’T UNDERSTAND why people feel the need to share this on facebook. this is so cheap. she makes me sick

  2. I think she should probably fall down 10 stories and lose the ability to talk – this was unnecessary.

  3. Unfortunately even if she couldn’t talk she could still type….let’s hope she’s paralyzed from the neck down as well.

  4. i’m confused? she likes to feel up him and his irresistible baby? and i’m really getting tired of researching 3 letter acronyms (LLL) just to figure out what people are saying. Since this is in regards to relationships i’m going to assume she means “Limited Loss Liability”.

  5. Apparently “Irresistible” is something you can possess. Or maybe she’s saying that he has an irresistible baby.

  6. ugh

  7. Sounds more like she wants to feel up his irresistible baby.

  8. I wonder how old are the people who always post that kind of romantic sickness.
    teenagers I believe.

  9. I think it more “you’re irresistible baby”, but, like most people on here, ‘your’ is the preferred method of writing ‘you are’. Plus, with no punctuation in between, it makes it pretty hard to tell when one sentence ends and another begins.

  10. ohhlordd. She’s like 18 & goes through boyfriends like socks.
    That romantic crap drives me insane. No one wants 10 of these on their home pages when they log on.

  11. Oh God. Everyday I lose a little more faith in the world. I can’t for the life of me figure out why “irresistable” is the only damned word she felt the need to capitalize. Why can’t people write correctly anymore? What the hell else are they learning in elementary and junior high?

  12. shoulda stopped reading at Patryck…

    Imagine, needing to spell your kid’s name so stupidly in a lame ploy for uniqueness. ug

  13. oops, excuse me, Patryk

    even worse.

  14. So she likes to feel up his irresitable baby? that makes since.

  15. Girls…can be so dumb.

    I’m a female teenager, in a serious relationship… and I’d never, EVER write something so sickening about it. Especially…in public like that…

    Ew! Who’d want to know!?

    Girls are stupid!! Haha.

  16. this sounds like a dirty letter your would hide in their lunch as a little surprise for them… not something youd post for every one to see… nice

  17. its called a personal message!! use it…
    it sliek ooo i wante veryoen to knwo that we are together…how pathetic thats wht the relationship status is for ppl!

  18. “Patryk” could be of Polish descent, not just the child of some moronic parents trying to be unique. Just saying…

  19. Danielle…or just moronic parents

  20. OH.
    I was thinking she was a twisted fuck, saying something about liking to feel up his irresistible baby. After a double look, I realized it was just a lack of punctuation. She is lame, this post is lame.

    Learn to PM and please.. keep your messy, confusing feelings between you and your boyfriend rather than harboring them our for your friends to see, so they can submit it here where I can read it.

  21. She’s so one of those girls who tells a guy she loves him after 3 days of going out.

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