Tuesday, June 30, 2009



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  1. should have been titled lamesomnia

  2. bahahaha dumbass stop whining about shit you dont know

  3. this is sooooo hilarious! not only does she call it amnesia, she even defines insomnia wrong. LOL if she was my friend i would put her out there lol

  4. Don't feed the morons

    I guess her Amnesia kicked in and she forgot what insomnia is.
    Fail @ Life

  5. haha wow…..

  6. Epic fail.

  7. I have insomnia, and must say, this person is a fucking idiot XD lol

  8. I love how Gerado tried to make a joke about the whole amnesia thing and it just flew right over her head…..LAME!

  9. as the person who submitted this, i can tell you that she updates hourly and they’re all this good.

  10. This was greatness. Any as funny as this Brittany?

  11. stupidity’s a bitch too.

  12. definitely don’t hesitate to submit more….this made my day.

  13. ok im actually following this retard on twitter. i dont recall asking to follow her, and now when i select to unfollow her it doesnt work. i cannot get this girl off my twitter someone please help.

  14. Ha-haaaaaaaa.

  15. ahhh take it back, Brittany! I felt a twinge of embarrassment for her.

  16. Amnesia is a bitch, she just forgot that she had insomnia and what the word for it is, clearly she is telling the truth

  17. something about these Brittany, brittani’s….

  18. OMG please never reproduce, “amnesia” Brittany.

  19. It’s not amnesia dumbass, it’s called necrophelia

  20. Brittany, feel free to keep submitting …

  21. Haha if she can forget the word insomnia, its meaning and get it mixed up with amnesia, then god forbid she actually GET amnesia

  22. how the heck do u confuse insomnia with amnesia?!

  23. When I read her status update, I saw no hilarity. And then I read the rest .. hilarious.

  24. perfect.

  25. I can’t remember *wink* the last time i’ve been introduced to somebody so lame! They obviously forgot to go to school!

  26. Congrats Brittany on the epic fail. She probably still doesn’t know what she is really suffering from.

  27. can you imagine how awkward Gerardo felt?

  28. One day? That’s it? So I guess add pansy right up there with idiot.

  29. Wow. What a tard.

  30. the sad thing is, she thinks she’s suffering from amnesia (insomnia) but it’s actually cancer : (

  31. fistacular, you’re okay by me.

  32. That really brightened up my day. Who confuses insomnia and amnesia?

  33. It’s not insomnia if you haven’t slept for one day. That’s called “put down the crack pipe and go to bed”. Dumb twat.

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