Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Wins!



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  1. @Adam
    It’s called criticism; it’s what happens when you post here. If you can’t accept that people will comment, don’t post. Especially when you think domestic violence is amusing and other people do not…
    “Go fuck yourselves!” – Ooh, definately something an ‘unfunny loser’ like myself couldn’t have come up with. I wish I was as quick witted as you!

    Fail Again…

  2. First of all

    @ 33 Mel
    “Assuming adam’s post was strike 2, I wonder who cb is?”

    This is probably one of the biggest fails I’ve ever seen on a comment section. This reminds me of flexo, from a previous post. Where is that guy?

    Also, to everyone who doesn’t realize how everyone else knows it was Adam who sent it in, you’re fucking retarded.

    And that’s not the real Adam.

  3. Leave him alone!!!!!!!!

    I actually suggested he post it on here. Ok????

    Now fuck off.

  4. PS: Don’t mess with the best.

  5. What? Adam. You have a boyfriend? What the fuck? When the fuck were you going to tell me about him. You better get your fucking arse home. We have serious talking to do.

  6. Yeah bitch. He says I suck his dick better than you ever could.

  7. I am so hurt. Honestly. I can’t believe you would do this again Adam. I thought the coke and bum love stage was just a phase. When you bring your sorry ass home you can bring the divorce papers.

  8. @Boz
    Now I’m confused… Would the real Adam please stand up?

  9. Ok love, sorry. Do we have bread and milk at home?

  10. oh ha ha, now you have resorted to “his boyfriend” posts. And Boz its no wonder everyone in here thinks you’re a dick, you can come sit with me over here, I guess theres a chair for you in the outcast seats even though I shouldnt be here.

  11. Adam, move your chair further away. You don’t deserve to sit anywhere near Boz!

  12. Please, Daddy, I don’t wanna play our “special game” anymore!

  13. I doubt the real Adam has said anything in here. And to all the posts whining “how do you know Adam sent it in?” — SHUT UP! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! I HAVEN’T HAD ENOUGH COFFEE YET. SHUT UP! STUPID! STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDSTUPIDS.

  14. Awww lamebook pity party. Boo hoo I’m Adam and everyone thinks I’m lame. Boooo hoooo. Whatever will I do if the people on lamebook don’t like me…

    *slits wrists and dies*

    Seriously, stop defending yourself man. It’s dumb and this submission is dumb. End of story.

  15. – Poor submissions (is ‘punch rihanna’ supposed to be ‘funny’?).
    – Lame submitter (enough said)
    – Even poorer comments section (‘go fuck yourself’ insults also supposed to be funny?).

  16. I thought it was hilarious.

  17. i CANNOT believe that this was the best of the bunch of submissions you’ve had lately. I think your editors are getting lazy. 🙁

  18. with these comments, we’re going to need a lamelamebook site.

  19. Adam – did you ever think for a second that lamebook may have POSSIBLY posted this to make an ass out of you. It’s clear you sent it in, & the fact you got Charlie Brown & Chris Brown confused is an epic fail. That & the fact that you have failed to notice your mistake makes this all the more entertaining.

    Do carry on with your angry ‘I’m funnier than you’ outbursts, it’s passing the time at work for me 🙂

  20. Laura – did you ever think for a second that adams post on that status was a joke? read the title of it, “wednesday win.” they aren’t make fun of adam, they are giving him props for being semi-witty. seriously, not sure how your sense of humor works that you thought that making fun of adam was the funny part of it all. seriously, live life a little bit more.

  21. @ Laura

    This makes perfect sense. WWCBD= What Would Chris Brown Do? according to Adam.

    So he made a joke about it…….and it ended up on lamebook. Is it funny? Not really but it makes sense on why punch rihanna was put in his comment. Sorry Laura, but you fail on this one.

  22. meh, I see nothing wrong with Adam posting this himself. He waited at least two days to take a screenshot and send this in to lamebook, so it’s not like he wrote it thinking “ohhhh, this is gonna get on lamebook!” He just commented and then a few days later thought “hmmm, I wonder if lamebook would post that.” I’m sure you’ve all done the same thing (maybe with photoshopping out the DELETE part), so lay off.

    BTW, for the people that will ask “how do you know he posted it at least two days ago?”, the answer is “It doesn’t say ‘X minutes or X hours ago or Yesterday’, it says November 2”.

  23. I though Charlie brown punching Rihanna was kinda funny

  24. Aw, I enjoyed the comment, until I twigged that Adam sent it in himself.

    Disappointing – and therefore lame, for that very fact.

  25. I agree with Laura, I think lamebook just may have been clever enough to post this knowing that the judgmental people who comment on it would rip Adam apart.

    It’s genius, thanks for all the fun Adam.

  26. farken hell, i never got confused at all. I was consciously aware of my tactical humor skills and Laura you fail. You fail at life.

    @ Chingaso – thank you for finding it funny.

    @ If I may judge – I dont find rape funny but I wouldn’t hesitate to laugh at a rape joke, if it was funny.

    to all the haters – I know you secretly laughed to yourselves once the penny dropped and you finally understood the joke, its not my fault you’re slow and jealous.

  27. Come here Adam. We’re going to play our special game again.

  28. The more I think about it, the funnier it is. Remember adam, the lamebook universe is full of putos.

  29. I am so late, but Andreu, are you sure you said you lived in a third world country enough? I mean, I’m not sure.

  30. It can’t be that bad if he has access to the internet.

  31. i agree with one of the earlier posts – it’s most definitely What Would Chuck Bass Do.

  32. What would Charles Barkley Do…. how about What Would Chris Benoit Do…..

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