Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Folked Up!

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  1. Ebonics. Never gets old.


  3. That paneling is outdated ..

  4. comparethemeerkat

    To Steeever,
    Do you do the same amount of ‘E’s every time?
    That was not a drug reference,
    All the best,

  5. Sorry De’Andra, Dr. Mae Jemison beatcha to it. Chemical engineer, scientist, physician, teacher and astronaut? You’re little idiot never had a chance.

  6. heynostradamus

    ^your little idiot. Correction fail.

  7. iamamofoisanunfunnytroll

    ^lol pwned

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    You know, for a maid, she can’t clean worth a shit.

  9. I hope that De’Andra’s baby has a paper bag on her and not a plastic one…

  10. @mass ~ the outdated paneling matches her outdated hairstyle.

    In other news, my boobies are bigger and I bet I’d look better in that outfit. Oh, and I can clean a house better than her, too.

  11. let’s get married jacqbone

  12. That’s very nice of you, DukeGuy, but we’d have to wait until my divorce is finalized.

  13. The first one and fourth one were funny. The other two were just whatever.

  14. Beth, I’m going to go with John, with the pipe, in the conservatory. Also (and as a whore, you should know this), go with Courtney. White girl names make more money on the pole.

  15. The baby with the bag on its head knows it has a stupid ass mother and is just trying to euthanize itself.

    Hey, can you blame it?

  16. HaHa De’andra yo Shaunty is Krazy!

    It’s probably because she has that ‘baby huge head’ thing that kids get when their mum drank too much whilst cooking them in their fanny.

    She has very likely Stiltoned her learning deveolpment.

  17. Oi No.7 You’re a kiddy fiddling, stagnant sloppy cumsock.

  18. N-i-g-g-a-r it’s the niggar family….hey I’m not being racist. That was from the Dave Chapelle show…and he’s black, so it’s totally cool to repeat it if he does, and makes fun of his own race.

  19. Krona, that gives you license to make fun of your own people, the Ignorants

  20. CommentsAtLarge ftw

  21. Hey, you’re right! Thanks, Johk. Sorry, well actually I’m not, but I’ve said this a long time ago on here, and I guess I’ll say it again; if any race (this includes whites, we have plenty of our share of idiots too) acts like their stereotype, or reinforces racial slurs by acting like said stereotype, then yeah, they deserve the racial slurs, including whites who act lie cracker honking redneck idiots. They deserve to be called that every bit.

    Contrary to popular belief, white slurs like that above are just as offensive as the N word for black people, or spic (sp?) for Mexicans, or chink for Asian. etc etc. I just hate idiots. You can be raised poorly, but once you’re of age, you have the choice to become intelligent. If you don’t take choose to, that’s you’re own fault and you shouldn’t complain if someone calls you this or that, since you don’t want to change.

  22. *your 🙂
    Nice rant 🙂

  23. I just thought I could add that the first black african-american women in Space was Mae Jemison (so.. a little too late on that one de’andra)

  24. *first african american woman! (this is what happens when we type really fast in a foreign language! I’m sorry)

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