Monday, August 16, 2010

A Higher Power

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  1. Yeah Dan isn’t going to post about this one.

  2. *sits and waits quietly for fargis to show up*

  3. Candy and Karen sound like the type of Godless Heathen Chicks who I’d let have a go on my stick.

  4. I think LB did this post just for Dan . . . But I think #1 should just go to court and exclaim that Jesus already paid for his sin of parking in the wrong spot. That would be awesome. Then someone should YouTube this person throwing down and speaking in tongues in the courtroom while simultaneously being tasered (sp?) by the little court cop. And then, the righteous one would spew green vomit from his mouth and his head would begin to spin and it would all turn out that he was really possessed by Dan Fargis and the taser released the demon . . . Yea.

  5. I like the way you think eusadnama.

  6. ohhhh.

  7. our mandy proving that a little imagination goes a long long way. 🙂

  8. Oh wow, so people go to hell for telling crappy jokes? So if I jon dan fargis, I’m never going to have to here anything about Justin Bieber or Twilight ever again…

  9. join.

    Ah, forget it…

  10. Hmmmmmm. Hobo accidentally types jon instead of join and my mind comes up with images of Hobo and Fargis…well, you know. How the hell did my mind make the word ‘jon’ into THAT pituresque action? Maybe a play on ‘John Thomas’….

  11. @Nicoretta…my mind went there when I read it too 😉 And where is Dan Fargis? I expected him to be all over this one.

  12. I have paid for all of your sins. What is a parking ticket going to hurt?

  13. When Ryan said you need 2 sticks for that, I think he means Karen deserves double penetration for her joke.

  14. LOL

  15. @ jesuschristofheaven it won’t hurt to bad just 40$ or so.

    @ Dukey Smoothy Buns if that is the case no more lame jokes from me. That is just a pain in the A$$.

  16. @jesuschristofheaven

    I’d find your name more believable if it was “jesuschristofnazareth.”

  17. I think our honourable Mr. Fargis has been perma-b& or is on a church mission trip

  18. Why would Fargis have been banned? He wasn’t breaking any rules, and he was INCREDIBLY entertaining!

  19. As to the first picture, way to spread the stupidity of Anselmian theology!

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