Monday, August 16, 2010

Read ’em and Weep

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  1. I saw STR WRS license plate just last week… Much more epic

  2. That’s gangsta!

  3. I saw TNUC A on a license plate. G SPOTR was another good one.

  4. who the heck loves facebook so much?

  5. Zuckerberg must be driving.

  6. Bet he was gutted when they changed the Facebook layout…

  7. My day has been made at 2.12am. Chur Lamebook.

  8. Where in the world is it 2:12am?

  9. Black people be so krazay.


  11. New Zealand. On Tuesday.. The future looks bright, by the way.

  12. These photos elicited the following responses.


    all that aside….bollocks,wank,shit,meh

  13. Steeevrr, could you please stop making my screen stretch off to the right? The last time you did that I had to borrow my neighbour’s monitor to read your whole comment. I don’t remember what it said but I remember having a feeling that it wasn’t worth the trouble.

  14. Bahaha. I love the paint jobs that are free advertisement. One day I was at work and saw a car very nicely painted to represent Reese’s peanut butter cups . . . But it didn’t run very well and it was on the back of a tow truck. Seriously? Take the money you wasted on that damn paint job and make sure your shit runs. Just sayin . . .

  15. I hope dude is getting paid by FB, or that is truly one of the lamest things I have ever seen.

  16. PS: But the way he’s sticking out the side, he must be proud to be in that car.

  17. I was sitting at my desk at work saying the licence plate out loud to try and make sense of it. A giggling colleague then told me what I was saying. Glad I can be entertaining whilst being entertained.

  18. @Nicoretta – now I get it, thanks!

  19. LoL @ Nicoretta.

    @briechez: FB is undoubtedly NOT paying for that rolling advertisement. It is very popular in the south to paint your car with something you enjoy i.e. Fruit Loops, Reese’s cups *SEE ABOVE*, Cocoa Puffs, Lifesavers . . . Anything you can imagine . . .

  20. Oh, it is also preferable that these motifs be painted on old cop car Ford Crown Vics or Impalas. And you must have at least 22″s on it, anything less than 22″s isn’t gucci.

  21. Don’t mean to be PU SHE PU SHE
    I’m just in it for the PU SEA PU SEA

  22. Anyone gonna go see that Facebook movie? I wasn’t gonna, but there’s some guy in it that’s good. Not that I remember who or anything.

  23. The license plate took me a minute. I kept thinking P-U SEA, then I just sounded it out. I feel stupid for not getting it sooner.

  24. i wonder if he thinks of his tinted windows as his “privacy settings”

  25. Jesse Esinberg Hobes,(at least I think that is how you spell it.)

    It looks like it might be alright. You said Facebook movie and I instantly thought teeny boppers. I had to google it to see for myself.

  26. I saw ARTI Q L8 on a license plate the other day..

    Which doesn’t fit in with what everyone else is talking about, but I thought it was interesting.

  27. You should not spill your seed my child.

  28. That’s it defective, the kid from Zombieland. Looks alright.

    Although, from googling just now, I discovered Justin Timberlake is going to be in it. I didn’t even realize he was still around.

    Probably go see something else instead.

  29. I think it’s Justin’s cousin. Either way, it is a change up for Jesse’s role. He usually plays the geek that gets the hot girl. I hope he can keep up.

    How kick ass was Zombieland!? That movie was a BEAST!!

  30. RE: cars as rolling ads – I’m so glad I live north of the Mason Dixon Line. (Not that there aren’t quirks up here…)

    RE: Zombieland – LOVED that movie!!

  31. That Facebook movie looks like it’s going to be unintentionally funny. Just the trailer alone made me giggle.

  32. @ defectiveuser I read your post hours ago and I JUST got it! lmaoooo

  33. Your dyslexia has to kick in. I was shocked that nobody caught it when it was applied for.

  34. Hobo, lets go watch it together. You say where I say when.

  35. I feel like an idiot. I still don’t get the PU SEA ._. /fail

  36. @35 – It reads like ‘pussy’, the colloquial term for a womans vagina 😛

  37. @36 – A woman’s vagina? As opposed to anyone else’s vagina?

  38. I’m suprised the DMV let that one slip by…. they uaually have an eye out for the smartasses.

  39. Maybe because the DMV is an American thing and last I checked Ontario was in Canada

  40. Last I checked, Ontario was a cookie.


  41. Thanks. Now I can just go bask in my stupidity for not realizing that myself xD

  42. Pic1: Lame
    Pic2: I don’t get it
    Pic3: Dear Alex, you know the last instruction is your favourite part, don’t lie to us
    Pic4: 1108 Thugz must have moved from Detroit to Ontario

  43. dddtl…. are… are you retarded? Like seriously, did someone drop you on your head when you were little? Someone must of damaged your brain in a serious way if you don’t get the second picture.

  44. At work there is a gentleman with a IANJEDI license plate it makes my day… everyday.

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