Wednesday, November 18, 2009

High Jacked


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  1. First!

  2. hahahaha this is great.
    do you think she/he posted it drunk, or just a douche friend?

  3. damn, i hope someone logged onto her account. Otherwise, she’d be slutting herself over the internet, and getting a lovely conversation with her family during thanksgiving.

    mom -“i am so dissapointed in you, posting about oral in the internet!”
    jessie- “well lets be thankful it was a BIG dick”

  4. and, way to go not committing to the sucking. getting on the internet and updating instead of giving the job your best.

  5. @4 Agreed.

    But, definitely seems fake.

  6. def seems as though her little bro got onto her account.
    Or she decided to update her status while performing fellatio.
    Either way it will make for an interesting dinner table discussion.

  7. FAAAAAKEEEEE or drunk.. no one in their right mind would post smthg like that… although i would do it on another friends account hehehe

  8. PASS time Andrea (as in passing time), not PAST time (as in the past).

    Oh and you’re a huge slut, please call me.

  9. Actually it’s pastime.

  10. @BunchOfFives

    I stand corrected… Can I still call her a slut?

  11. Lots to talk about over Thanksgiving; for instance, now Mum knows they share a similar love of the cock, shall we garnish that chunky turkey we always get with a nice fat penis this year honey? Dad can avoid the trimmings if he wishes.

  12. stupid likes turtles

  13. insert clever name here

    Someone should introduce Jessie and Leigh.

  14. I like turtles.


    are we all sure that Jessie is a girl?

  16. Her parents are pretty stupid to not realise someone else wrote that while she was logged on.

  17. I was under the impression jessie was a guy. That is why it will be awkward at thanksgiving.

  18. @Alex

    Why? I always talk about sucking cock at thanksgiving.

  19. @ #15
    No, hence my “she/he”.

  20. That would be the Christmas ever. Imagine the presents that would stem off this one post!

  21. I wonder what the guy she was performing oral sex on was thinking.

  22. & that’s pretty much the reason why I declined my parents invitations to be friends of mine in Facebook. Gosh Imagine what life would be like if your parents could actually see what is really on your mind. Fortunately, they’ve got no clue about Lamebook because that’d be Lame with capital L lol

  23. @Jeremy

    …Or, you could focus on sucking dick while you’re doing it instead of posting it all over facebook. And post appropriate status updates that don’t make you look like a fool all over the internet and would embarrass you if they came out…

  24. This is quite clearly a result of Facebook rape.

  25. Maybe, say jessie is a girl, and the status was posted while she was sucking dick, by the guy she was sucking. Epic win by the guy!!

  26. Maybe, say jessie is a girl, the status was posted while she was sucking dick, by the guy she was sucking. Epic win by the guy!!

  27. @Don’tlooknow

    If it was posted by the suckee, as opposed to the sucker, he would’ve put his name in the status. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  28. @lajeve

    I surpose you have a point. It’s the sort of thing I do to my girlfriend though to wind her up. Me and mine aren’t stupid enough to have parents on our facebooks though.
    But if we look at all the angles, jessie could be his ex. Revenge ha

  29. @Dontlooknow!

    Next time put your name in it, so there is no doubt in anyone’s mind who the lucky owner of the huge penis is :p

  30. I hate uptight parents :/
    but most likely ,her account has been hacked.

  31. I can’t stand people who spell suppose as surpose. It really grinds my gears.

    I think Jessie is a girl as the male spelling is usually Jesse. I could of course be wrong.

    I do love a bit of good old Frape.

  32. Oh, and Dontlooknow!: It isn’t really a case of being stupid enough to have parents on your Facebook friends list. It’s more a case of being stupid enough to either;
    a) Post pathetic, immature things that are inappropriate and noone wants to know about anyway, or
    b) Be dumb enough to leave your account logged on and/or give out your password.

  33. Jessie definitely did not write this… Being a student in college myself (which I assume Jessie is because her mom is talking about her going home for Thanksgiving), I see this kind of thing on my news feed all the time when peoples’ friends get a hold of their accounts. I’m positive this is what happened to her, I highly doubt she would have actually written it herself.

  34. Now she got something to be thankful about.

  35. @homer

    I’m not going to lie, my spelling is terrible!

    And the fact that her parents are on her fb is just more reason NOT to post shit like that! The fact of the matter is, people like jessie are fucking retarded! I’m sure there isn’t one person on her friends list that gives two fucks about the dick she’s sucking and how big it is! I’ve posted some pretty sick stuff on my facebook, but it wasn’t personal tripe that just shouldn’t be posted on a social networking website!

    And if she was hacked/left herself logged in, then tough shit! We are all having a good laugh now because she trusted whoever wrote this alone with her computer hah I also love Frape!!

  36. If she was really sucking big dick, the status update should have said “blghghgh”.

  37. Haha you make good points sir.

    FRAPE FTW!!!

  38. Looks like a fake.. Her parents almost sounded cool with her publicizing bout her blowjobs on the internet..

  39. Probably hacked, but everyone’s reaction still makes it pretty funny. “Or Your Father…”

  40. I’m sure that must’ve brought out the taste of the turkey.

  41. Don’t know much about facebook, but if she didn’t intend to post that why not delete it instead of letting it up for at least 12 hours?
    And only 2 people like that? Tsk, that girl doesn’t have many male friends.

  42. A lot of people don’t realize there’s a “remove” button near statuses and just leave them up.
    And there’s also a good chance it wasn’t liked by more people cuz she has tiny guy friends, hmm?

  43. What kind of weirdo updates Facebook mid-fellatio??

    For that matter, what kind of dude would put up with that??

    This has to be a prank…

  44. #43, it’s a sign of the times. Technology finds a way to integrate itself into everything.

  45. Wow multitalented,

    doing that and typing on facebook at the sametime… WOW

  46. @15, i like your thinking!

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