Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Psycho Stripper! Qu’est-ce Que C’est



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  1. Obviously strippers are rich, that’s why they do erotic dances for pocket change!

    Nicole’s an idiot, Marissa’s a winner.

  2. Stripping to pay the repair bills on a Cobra, how delightfully white trash.

  3. Wow, Nicole surely has strengthened her position that strippers have “brians” and “there schooling” has brought them to “there” entertainment pinnacle. Too bad Beth is “depressed” and considering giving up on it. I’m willing to bet it’s a result of her pussy mucking up the pole as she slides down. I mean, she’s probably not getting any tips with all the vaginal chunks she leaves behind like a slug trail.

  4. dis nicole ho iz 1 dem hot crakas. dat ho iz welcum 2 mah crib aniday, noimsayin.

  5. Nicole’s right, lay off people with Brians!!

  6. Go home, 4chan.

  7. erm… You do realise now that if I watch Family Guy, I’ll be thinking of Flexo whenever I see Peter Griffin… Hmmm… I really have to go see it now! lol

    Flexo – you’re a comic genius and I love you, man. And no, I’m not Canadian or Ameican. I’m a Brit. I’d have thought my spelling would have told you that! Please tell me I don’t share this green and pleasant isle with you…

  8. i am mexican. what, are you going to be racist?

  9. Fucken Seppos.

  10. Does Brian pay well?

  11. That last comment by Nicole, she was doing so well, I’m sure plenty of strippers have their “Brians”. Then she fucked it all up in the last line or two.

    I also wonder what Beth went to college for, last I checked there isn’t an AA in “Choosing My Career Path”. They generally want you to have a vague idea of that when you start.

  12. I want to be a stripper.

    all i can say is flexo, u keep repeating the fact that you can’t see the word ‘brians’ on the last comment, which was funny at first but now it really is just getting lame, we know you can see it, and that you’ve always been able to..however, in saying that..

    you are still a funny guy, and i give you props for starting a much needed lame lamebook fight on this lame stripper post! well done.

    and i just realised that pretty much everyone who’s posting a comment has been typing extra carefully so they don’t get caught out by the spelling police..and I’m one of them because i usually ‘type lyk dis’ lol

    oh and im from australia 🙂

  13. #125, How do Americans spell moustache?

  14. *mustache* I guess. Google is my friend.

  15. Wow. Marissa is a nosy, judgmental bitch. Public forum or not, talking to your friend like that is fucking LAME. Leah’s second comment FTW.

  16. I actually know Beth.
    She’s a sweetheart and a good friend.
    Marissa seems like a smart girl but very blunt. Nicole just sounds like she needs to learn proper grammar.
    (I only know Beth in real life)

  17. And Beth went to college for Women’s Studies.

  18. this is some bullshit. someone advocates killing strippers @36 (when sex workers get killed at high rates) and nobody says a thing? i also know beth and the thing i find most amusing is @141 thinks that Beth is talking about a snake… not _health insurance_. yes in USA when you have to pay for health insurance out of pocket it’s called a cobra. it seems like @141 should know that because beth obviously isn’t the kind of girl who’s made it very far from home let alone to a foreign country to bump into someone. the only thing better than dumb bitches are people that make asses out of themselves while trying to make fun of dumb bitches!

  19. Show love to these strippers. They make the world go round!

  20. bye judgeing strippers

  21. Who cares about who these people are, anyone with brains reading this can see exactly how priceless the entire post was haha

  22. Who’s Mellissa, and how did she get dragged into the mud slinging?
    Nicole likely isn’t even smart enough to wait tables, so she’s set. Atleast she’s not on welfare. I think Marissa has the right idea, I have no hate towards strippers, but it’s not a career….

  23. does anyone else think this should make most popular?

  24. i think her dreams were to get money to graduate college… i dont see anything wrong with that… unless im missing something. if her dreams were to be a stripper she wouldnt need to go to college :p

  25. @165: That is not how I spell “moustache”. Although, Firefox did just try to tell me that what I just typed was incorrect.

    I added it to the dictionary. Take that, dumbass Firefox.

  26. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nicole’s last post just killed her.

  27. I actually work as a nanny for a stripper and I have to say that she is an AMAZING woman. She’s intelligent, beautiful, charismatic, and she doesn’t deserve the hate that comes from people knowing what she does. Do I find it ridiculous and short sighted to dream of becoming a dancer? Depends on how good you are, you can teach after you loose your looks… depending on how good you are on the pole. Like any job, there is good and bad. The bad is that some guys demean you, you don’t have a steady paycheck, there is a lot of drama with the other girls. The pro’s are that you get a huge confidence boost having people pay to see you naked, the pay is normally really good, and it’s crazy exercise for eight hours. Bottom line, it’s a fucking job, it’s legal, and I guarantee that most of you couldn’t do it.

  28. @ maggie13
    Always the nanny, never the dancer eh.

  29. LOL the spelling/grammar fights in this thread are funnier than the actual stripper fight

  30. lol brians

  31. lol. This is wonderful. I rofled.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  32. elixabeth is still a hooker.

    Strippers are awesome.

    That is all.

  33. John Players Standard

    Never facepalmed so much in my life from somebodies stupidity.

  34. I’m going to quote Chris Rock here. “I mean they don’t grade fathers but if you daughter is a stripper you’ve fucked up.”

  35. *speechless*

  36. Epic.

    Does anyone else here thinks that all those people knowing Beth or a stripper in general and is defending her/strippers is just one and the same person? (Would be awesome if it was Beth… :p)

  37. Wow. Nicole is a grade-A dumbass.

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