Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harry Potter and the Cold-Blooded Bitch


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  1. Meh.

  2. lostintranslation

    revenge is a dish best served unflushed?

  3. I agree, is that the best the fat bitch could do? I love how women criticize someone about all of the shit they put up with until they got tired of the meat. Then it’s like… you suck.

  4. ha, nice title

  5. First off.. what is a fat dip? Second.. the guy likes Harry Potter AND Lost??? shiiiaat.. I’ll flush his toilet any time ;-).

  6. @5 Skoal

  7. I just have to wonder what’s so hard about the “LOG OUT” button for these people to understand.

    Or computer passwords, for that matter.

  8. anyone who cannot work out how to get their password reset after having it changed on facebook deserves to have a Harry Potter profile pic and have Twilight in their favourite list of movies….at the very least.

  9. Ahaha, awesome. To be honest, if Elaine just broke up with him for liking Harry Potter and LOST, not only is she a shallow bitch with no taste, she’s utterly shit at revenge.

    ‘Oh noes, my ex girlfriend put on my facebook that I take dumps without flushing! now none of my friends will ever talk to me!’

  10. ah ha.. mmmmm chew… maybe I won’t be so interested in flushing his toilets.. LOL. For her to have changed his password she would have needed the old one too so it wasn’t a matter of forgetting to log out, nothing to say about the email addy unless the crazy little tw@t was smart enough to change that too.. ahhh to be young and in love again. o0

  11. 1. fingerman sounds a little bitter.

    2. I don’t think he likes Harry Potter – I think she put that up there to make him look like a Harry Potter manlover.

  12. Right thats shit. When i found out my ex cheated on me I got my chums round for a facebook rape evening. We were brutal to say the least.

  13. “Hello. How come I rich and you not? How come you not sell real estate like I do? How come I sleep with your wife while you at work? And then I pee in your toilet and don’t flush. And sometimes I open the back part and I pee in there, so that when you flush, pee come out. You know why? Cause I’m smart. I’m smart, you stupid. Call Now!”…

    is what i thought of when i read this.

  14. What is a ‘fat dip?’

  15. i think a fat dip is chewing tobacco.

  16. @jools – a large pinch of Skoal (or Kodiak, Copenhagen, et al)

  17. Awesome points for watching Lost!!

  18. She should have done the following:
    Favorite TV shows: Queer as folk, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Vampire Diaries, True Blood
    Favorite movies: Twilight, New Moon, Eating Out 1, 2 & 3, Legally Blonde 1, Sex and the City
    Favorite books: the Twilight series, Harry Potter, …

    Then hide all evidence of recent activities so that he wouldn’t even notice the change right away. After he noticed (in a couple of months or so) it would be kind of difficult for him to explain to his friends that it was actually his ex who did it.

  19. Poolowner…Sex and the City is ALSO a book. Just lending a helping hand.

    (Huge Sex and the City fan…and proud of it.)

  20. Stephen got PWNT.

    Read the previous comments before asking questions, plz.

  21. what’s wrong with true blood?

  22. True Blood is boring. And filled with bad accents.

  23. I take that back. Anna Pacquin is what’s wrong with True Blood.

  24. I like turtles.

  25. misanthropic4u, i think i love you….

  26. why am i the only one to notice the awesomeness of the fact that the category symbol next to a harry potter related post is a lightning bolt?

  27. HAH i could easilly watch 10 hours of Lost! i cant wait for the the new season!

  28. @ swverause214 Hey now, you get to see Anna Pacquin topless. That’s nothing to hate on.

  29. Back when I started to watch lost, I watched one season per day. Now I’m caught up and can’t wait until season 6.

  30. I think it’s funny when guys take fat dumps. What an angry bitch. LOL @jackieoh, I totally just noticed that, fucking awesome.

  31. I’m 12 years old and what is this?

  32. Jackie, I don’t think you’re the only person who noticed, just the only person to say something.

    And True Blood should totally not be in that list. Granted, it’s gotten a bit ridiculous, but shows tend to do that when they’ve hit their stride and have an audience. They go bat shit crazy.

  33. Ok, there’s nothing wrong with watching 10 hours of LOST. Come on.

  34. Why would she do something like this if she dumped him?

    If you dump someone, you move on with your life, not associate with the guy again

  35. LAME!

  36. Hahaha, jackieoh FTW!

  37. ZombieKid FTW, wash your hands after playing with them, or you may get salmonella poisoning, FYI.

    I love Ms. Anthrope too.

  38. His girlfriend is an annoying bitch (I don’t mind bitches, being a girl I’m one myself and don’t care if I’m called one)but she’s a stupid one at that. I could’ve done way better. She sucks lol.

  39. Lame hack

  40. ooh zapped….

    So looking at this it can be assumed that Elaine had a good amount of time to come up with something. Very disappointing. But her failure was paled by Stephens.

    Clearly these two have no personality or sense of humor and will either be miserable with someone or be miserable alone.

    Maybe they’ll kill themselves or there will be a murder suicide so that neither of them will have to have the death of an innocent person’s happiness on their conscience.

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