Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Failed Group Effort





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  1. First

  2. lostintranslation

    hehehe “let’s eat grandma” 🙂

    Also, given the fact that the “I don’t know who my baby’s dad is” group is listed under “Weightlifting & Bodybuilding”, I’m going to have to call fake…

  3. lostintranslation

    ps DaysWithDave – you’re a douche

  4. ps lostintranslation – you’re Frodo

  5. i would join the ed hardy group if the owner wasn’t such an ideot

  6. lostintranslation

    @4: but I have a pool!

  7. @lostintranslation – then you can’t be Frodo… 😀

  8. Anyone who says “First” should be stabbed in the face with their own frozen faeces.

  9. Lizzle is right

  10. Can someone explain this Frodo/pool biddness to me?

  11. unfortunately, it’s the intrinsic nature of an ‘in-joke’ that it can’t be explained. you either have to be initiated into it, or in this case, spend hours poring over old lamebook posts until you get ‘it’. either that or just laugh along with everyone and pretend you know what they mean.

    don’t worry though – you’re not frodo (although you probably don’t have a pool).

  12. phew, thats a relief

  13. Lizzle for the win….
    Dayswithdave for the fail!

    You know they say time flies when you are having fun. I reckon Days with Dave are probably very very very long drawn out boring affairs

  14. Dayswithdave is “First” at everything, that’s why he’s always single

  15. i could totally find 20,000,000 people–couldn’t you?

  16. lizzle has a cool name, and is right. FACT

  17. do you also write a column under the name jane doe?

  18. Thanks for the compliments guys.

    The people who put -, ~ or any other type of punctuation before their names on Facebook so that they appear top of people’s friends list are also losers. I bet Dayswithdave does this.

  19. Uhm, I like the first group.

  20. Lizzle, I did NOT know that…it would explain why I loose some of my closer friends to some of the less friend more acquaintances I have on FB in the update thing. Thanks, I’ll put the real friends in a list so I can bypass the others.

  21. what is the pool thing about i fucking well wanna know maann wooo

  22. The Frodo thing… I read it when it was first up and loved it, but since then I’ve all basically forgotten what it was all about.

    I think… two guys were arguing (jokingly, I think) about who they’d be in Lord of the Rings, and one of them said the other would be Frodo, and the other said he wouldn’t but the other guy would, and they argued about Frodo being crap… then some guy came in and explained that Frodo was a real hero and loyal etc… and both of them commented and said ‘this guy is frodo’ ‘yeah he’s frodo’ or something.

    Don’t remember the pool, though. Why did the page get deleted?

  23. Hope I don’t get mysteriously banned.

    Bye :3

  24. One of the guys said the other had to be Frodo, because he had a pool.


  26. And thus, the joke.

  27. yeah, no idea why ‘frodoh’ was removed, other than one of the protagonists noticed it on here and asked for it to me taken down. it was something along the lines of, ‘you are frodo because your house is like in the shire.’ ‘what? i can’t be frodo, my house has a pool.’ ‘frodo has a pool.’ ‘frodo doesn’t have a pool.’ i’m not quite conveying the awesomeness of it, but it was. i have a screencap of it at home i think. if it’s made up, it’s genius.

  28. Thar we go.

  29. can you say cannibals!!

  30. I like turtles.

  31. Maybe the punctuation group would get a few more members if they punctuated their group title correctly…

  32. Preserved for prosperity :

    (quick before it disappears for good)

  33. That 20000000 people to hate school” those are old there’s tons of different ones, the original is old though, thats just the newest one is just trying to gain attention.

  34. is there something wrong with the first group that im missing?

    and why was frodo removed it was the funniest thing ever!!! there wasnt anything wrong about it… maybe its still on collegehumor?

  35. Thanks Wobbly Onion, I actually saw that when it was originally on, but never linked it to people being called Frodo. Does that make me Frodo? I don’t have a pool 🙁

  36. Why would they take Frodoh down?? That was my favorite Lamebook ever.

  37. I get that the second group is intended for humour, and not as a real group for women who don’t know who fathered their children, but has anyone actually looked through it? Fck I want to smack the creator of it for the way he types.

  38. WobblyOnion FTW!!

  39. YEAA! i remember that post just didnt remember about the pool bit. cool

    p.s. …

  40. I totally LOLed at the first one!!

  41. Turns out I had frodoh saved on my other computer. THen WobblyOnion had uploaded it anyway 😛

  42. I joined the first group 🙂

    Pretty sure I’m not frodo, but I have a pool, it has frogs in it

  43. the first group’s from mlia, the only thing lame about it is that they stole it
    yeah the second one’s meant to be a joke the whole wall is ‘LOOOOOL YEAH I HATE DAT ITS LYK IM ON JEREMY KYLE!! LOL’

  44. ty Wobbly, that is hysterical. 2x @38

  45. I just witnessed the rape of the english language. It was horrible

  46. Inky I just witnessed the rape of your mom pretty funny actually

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