Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Foot In or Around Mouth

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  1. Haha Nice one, Ryan doesent seem to bothered

  2. Talk about awkward sauce…I didn’t think that many Dad’s had FB til Lamebook…because my mom does, buuuut my dad wouldn’t be caught dead on a social networking site.

  3. Two kinda Dads.
    Type one would chew out Ryan for having these kinds of friends and is a pussy.
    Type two is like Gary who is gonna give Andrew a beatdown.

  4. Derek, please turn in your badge and testicles, your Bro Dude Man status is hereby suspended.

  5. Can’t agree with you more genitalisman.

  6. OM to the G? Really? What sort of loser says that?

  7. @rockinghorsefly:
    a loser who thinks that valley girls are still in style. i bet he has copies of SweetValley High under his bed too.

  8. And whoever sent this in “Liked” the OM to the G comment.

    (I somehow doubt he liked it for its stupidity. I would have liked it for its stupidity, then told Derek I liked him for his stupidity, and for not knowing when I fucked his girlfriend.)

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