Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Three Win!




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  1. @pupik:

    That’s the trouble with the English language. We don’t have a proper gender-neutral pronoun so people are stuck either using they/their or he-or-she. While the former is incorrect, it’s a hell of a lot easier than constantly saying “he or she”.

  2. @ alissa

    Actually “they” as a singular gender-neutral has been in use since the 15th Century. Please see Geoffrey Chaucer’s “the Canterbury Tales” for evidence.

  3. Miche, your an idiot.

  4. Miche….you’re.

  5. ok…who’s the little shit that used my name! i know this wasn’t coinsidence!!

  6. oh what the hell. i admit it…im a cunt!!

  7. The last one would have been so much better if he had only used correct grammar.

  8. he did use correct grammar. he says aged 0. like aged zero

  9. The really stupid thing about Jared’s post was that it’s pretty easy to get rid of those. If you hover your mouse on the right side of any application post then there’s an option to hide either posts from the application or the user themselves.

  10. Yeah I used to think those farmville post were pointless but actually if you click “Get a bonus from …” you get coins for your farm. Not that I play farmville… anymore..
    And yeah, if you don’t like posts from an application you can just hide them, it’s that simple. No need to try and be smart and make a stupid comment.

  11. Jared, I want you to be mine dude! I am with you 100% about that stupid Farmville shit.

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