Monday, October 12, 2009

Just Joshin’


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  1. Hilarity.

  2. Stephen Gately, RIP.

  3. oh snap, a gay joke!

  4. sux for him. I have 8″

  5. Don’s comment is lamer than the original post.

  6. Well, really, what else could Aaron mean?

  7. Maybe he had a fist-fight with air.

  8. I want to read Aaron’s response. I’m sure he said something.

    Josh’s comment is funny, but thanks Don for adding the lame part to the post.

  9. Rick’s comment is gayer than Don’s comment.

  10. Poor copy, Don. Poor copy.

  11. And JC’s comment is gayer than Rick’s comment which is gayer than Don’s comment.

  12. Fucking fake Rick….Steal someone else’s name I have been around these parts for quite some time now.

    P.S. – Your blog sucks. Very similar to your mom with me last night.

  13. Your gayness is giving all of the Ricks of the world a bad rep.

  14. anti-Boz-the-cunt

    I hate it when the penis turns out to be small.

  15. Yeah, but, Hm’s comment is way gayer than JC’s comment, which is gayer than Rick’s, which is gayer than Don’s, who’s penis is 8 inches long.

  16. Ah, touché.

  17. Then it wasn’t worth it, Aaron.

  18. I literally busted out laughing, first time in a long time a lamebook post did that. Then I spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out what Aaron meant in the first place.

  19. The other AnonIsGay and antiBoz grammar nazi mcowles fishing trips your retarded

    Lamebook comments needs more in-jokes.

  20. Why is everyone antiBoz? I like the kid

  21. People are antiBoz? The only person I’m annoyed with is AnonisGay. I don’t know why people keep encouraging him.

  22. As the original anti-Boz, I am not really anti-Boz at all. I took the name from a post of his. I’ve said this like three times already.

  23. i…no, aaron, actually, i have no idea what that means. so josh’s guess was as good as any.

  24. I think I’d be sore
    If even a small penis
    Was shoved in my ass.

  25. the original Rick

    Both you Rick assholes need to stop stealing my very original name and posting dumb comments. Everybody knows I have a copyright on the name Rick.

  26. No you don’t.

  27. well….when i read Aaron s status , i thought the exact same thing with Josh…It s not a joke, it s probably the reality in this case 🙂

  28. @anti-Boz

    I’ve read it like three times already! But you can see how people would come to that conclusion. People who are not like us.

  29. (gargle)

  30. What is Boz short for?

  31. He’s got little legs.

  32. who’s next for Rick’s mom?
    leave a twenty at the door so I can go get beer!

  33. Boz of Noz

  34. * Yawn

  35. I struggle to pee at the urinals

  36. @Julie

    Only AnonisGay? I thought you were annoyed with me also. Phew.

    Btw, Boz is short for Our Lady Peace, Boz’s favorite band of all time.

  37. @35 is not me, although weirdly it’s true. My real name is on this site somewhere after I posted a link to my livejournal.


  39. i can’t believe aaron thought he could make “is not sore… ya’ll know what that means.” his status, and no one would make a gay joke.

  40. Maybe he IS gay, alie..? YOU HOMOPHOBE (joke, dude)

  41. The guy Aaron was with is josh obviously? haha

  42. No Jason…why would Josh insult himself?

  43. Alie…I think he was referring to sex (with a girl or not)…but he could have been being sarcastic, meaning that he really WAS sore. Or it could have been an inside joke.

  44. Maybe Aaron is simply informing everyone of his loose and flappy anus’ ability to take monster penises.

  45. Maybe Aaron meant he topped 😡

  46. Josh got straight to the point

  47. Wow, people, get your minds out of the gutter, haha. When I read it, I assumed it meant he worked out at the gym (or went running or whatever) but now he’s not sore, meaning his workouts are finally paying off.

  48. Josh: my thoughts exactly.

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