Monday, February 14, 2011

Check It Out

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  1. DUKE!!!! Was at here first!!!!!

  2. Stever eat my shorts!!!!

  3. firstly, that was slightly lame Duke. Also, does this guy have no life?

  4. Should of read;

    Duke was at Lamebook comments section.
    Febuary 14 at 8:13am via (insert instrument of loneliness) – Like – Comment

  5. *Should have

  6. *February?

  7. Mario was half way there with this gag, if only he’d thought to add the following:

    Mario was at the top of a big green pipe

    Mario was at a loss to why he is headbutting bricks from underneath

    Mario was at least four inches deep inside Princess Peach

    Mario was at a counselling session as a result of Luigi bum raping him

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