Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Is Her Day

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  1. Wow Paula, way to be an attention whore

  2. Dalena got pregnant after bingo? I never knew it was possible to knock up a 68 year old woman.

  3. Sensible ,and in the backseat of a car ! Those are some flexible old folks …

  4. threeth

  5. My head hurts after reading Kailie’s comment

  6. Kinda prego! WTF? LOLZ

  7. lol @ Bingo

  8. paula FTW

  9. Dear Victoria,

    There is no need to call your ex-boyfriend a prick….just realise that if you werent so tediously boring then Josh might have paid you more attention.

  10. I bet Kailie is one of those girls who puts stick on plastic jewels all over her phone

  11. What is up with Kailie? I don’t get why that’s here. It’s not lame it’s just retarded.

  12. Paula’s a right lil’ ray of sunshine isn’t she?

  13. There should be a facebook plugin that checks to see if what you’re about to post is considered “attention whoring” (like Paula). If so, then it modifies your text with “I’m an attention whore!”

  14. @10: Good call, good call. That has to be right.

    I love that Dalena got pregnant after bingo! Most people that play bingo either haven’t had a period yet or have already gone through menopause! Where do these people live?!

  15. Dalena should have her ass B-10.

  16. you guys are crazy! I’m 25 and I love Bingo. I won $2000 once.

  17. I didn’t know bingo was such a turn on

  18. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    Josh the sooner you realize Victoria wants you to treat her like shit (not just ignore her so you can down Arthas and finish your dailies), the quicker you can be fucking her badly again.

  19. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Leave Kailie alone – she like totally spelled her name right both times.

  20. Good idea #13

  21. Great idea #13

  22. girrrrrrrrl you always were a little freaky

  23. I think Kailie might have been the inspiration for Vicky Pollard from Little Britain.

  24. ROFL, Soup. You made my day…

    Haha. Bingo…

  25. hell of a story Kailie….you had me riveted from the very begin….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  26. I demand to know (kno?) what Alexa did.

  27. Sarah and Dalena made me die a little inside…

  28. Josh rocks. Sarah is such a buzzkill!

  29. Bingo makes me freaky too O_O

  30. Damn, Paula is a bit of a downer.

  31. I agree. Paula, take your depression elsewhere. Yeesh.

  32. Paula makes me want to stab myself in the throat.

  33. Freaky?? Freaky doesn’t get you pregnant, freaky gets you arrested!

  34. If Josh is the ex, who the hell is Justin?

  35. argh, just read it again. Nevermind!

  36. lol

  37. @Milo Justin is who Victoria is now dating. She is lording this new development over the head of her ex, Josh. But he comes back with a spectacular burn – which I’m surprised no one has commented on. Josh hints that Justin is “playing with a bunch of guys” as opposed to playing video games. So Victoria really is the loser dating a closet case.

    Kailie needs help.

  38. @Sensible Madness that is GREAT thank you for the laugh I needed it!
    And to that Victoria girl in the first one… how about you JOIN IN on the video games? Thats what I do with my beau, because I don’t want to stop him from something he enjoys, he encourages me, and I encourage him, its called support, try it sometime.

  39. Oh, that’s classy, Paula. “Oh, so glad that you’re happy, I’m gonna ruin your status by telling all the crap that had happened to me.” *slap*

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