Thursday, March 4, 2010

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  1. first


  2. Jack FTW!

  3. Hah, I’m using Jack’s status.

  4. lostintranslation

    Ashley and Sadie are an embarrassment to my gender. Why on earth would anyone publish that sort of thing??!!

  5. Thanks to Tal, I have the sudden intense urge to watch Mulan.

  6. well done sadie, you have now reached the level of a primate by using simple tools

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong….but isn’t the blood going to be there whether or not you get laid on your period? I mean it’s not like it’s going to start flowing harder right (forgive me if I’m wrong I am a guy). And the guys who say it is better for them….that doesn’t quite compute…maybe because they don’t like going down and the period gives them a very valid excuse not to???

  8. Custup , i think she has a very dry punani and that’s why it is better on the guys

    Or maybe she is a freak during her period and a nun when the bleeding stops

  9. Gentlemen, I think her point is that it all gets a little messy if you’re shagging through blood.

    What a disgusting, crude excuse for a human being she is. And how disgusting and crude I have been forced to become in order to explain her vulgar Facebook post. :'[

  10. There will be more blood if you have sex because you’ve taken your tampon out, started poking around and created a “plunger” effect. Just put a towel down, or, if you don’t like doing it – don’t do it.

    Maybe the guys are used to screwing women who aren’t actually into it, hence the extra lubrication provided by the blood is a pleasant surprise to them.

  11. Haha i think we got the messy message that’s not really the issue

    I think the guys like it better part is in fact due to lubrication but i know a lot of girls who are way more in to it when the Russians have invaded Paris.

  12. Firstly Tal.. I live a sheltered life so excuse me for asking but what the heck is a poon???

    Ashley.. crude she is> I can’t fathom why anyone would want to have sex with a menstruating female (unless you’re maybe using a mense cup!). Why she felt the need to tell everyone her filthy sex story is what I don’t understand. Dirty, dirty..

    Sadie, no no no. WAY TMI!!! But FARK see a freaking doctor!

  13. Father Sha… Wouldn’t using some synthetic lubrication be a much cleaner task? Or maybe more foreplay..

  14. Orgasm is supposed to help relieve menstrual cramps. Posting about it on facebook relieves me of my breakfast.

  15. Tamika that would indeed do the job for the guys Ashley dates …

  16. I just don’t get why anyone would want to have sex when its that time of the month for the ladies. Messy or not, I do not like the idea of looking like I’ve stabbed someone.

  17. Back in the old days, women were supposed to shut themselves in their rooms and not even allow themselves to be seen by men during their periods. Between that and sharing graphic details of it on Facebook, I’d have to say the ancients had the right idea.

  18. These people are so disgusting. I LOLed at Jack’s status, though.
    Btw, anyone cares to explain what “the dark side of my poon” mean?

  19. Way back when Poon used to be slang for “girl” or “chick”. Think it spewed forth from Oz but could be wrong. Probably am, being from the Dark Continent.

    Way to go Jack!

    I wish the others would just go.

  20. Umm, Gross!

    I think Mandy’s neighbors are awesome! To be that age and still have that spunk, good for you Flo and Jo!

  21. samscottallison

    We think Flo and JO are scott’s aunt and uncle. hahah!
    do you happen to live in florida?

  22. Poon: (n) Short for Poon Tang, Punani. Slang words for a pussy. How does no one know this?

  23. “all the guys, tell me its better for them though”

    Way to go Ashley, you’ve basically just told everyone you’re a skanky cum-bucket. What’s your #?

  24. @ custup- Well besides just the mess from no tampon, having sex on your period CAN make you flow heavier. In my opinion it’s not very enjoyable or worth it, but being on your period can make you very horny, so I guess some people can’t contain themselves.

    As far as the Poon, isn’t she just talking about Poo, but rhyming it with Moon? I don’t know, that’s what I thought. Cause I don’t know where the dark side of your Poon Tang is…

  25. Nick sounds classy. Although shouldn’t post it on facebook. At least he’s getting her plan b.

  26. I assume Tal means the dark side of her poon is her ass, but it’s been worked over by so many dudes, so much produce, and various farm animals, they’ve merged into some sort of hybrid. And if a vaganus isn’t mysterious, I don’t know what is.

  27. the poon thing, it’s a reference to the movie Mulan; there’s a part of it where the song goes “as mysterious as the dark side of the moon” and it’s the scene where they’re all training to fight the huns.. yeah I was a disney whore as a kid.

    and I really don’t understand, guys WANT to stick their penis in blood? I don’t understand why people just can’t wait the seven days?! it’s only SEVEN days!

  28. Ture, Facebook is not the forum to share details of one’s bloodsports, but at the end of the day, it’s personal choice to have sex at that time, and both parties being comfortable with it.
    Worse still, is when you’ve been looking forward ALL week to seeing someone for a great weekend… someone you’re apart from frequently, and the day before you get on that plane to go see them… I’m not loving you right now God!

  29. @4.lostintranslation – I agree. Girls like that are an embarassment to the entire female population.

    Jack’s status made me laugh.

  30. And Piglet, true it may only be 5-7 days, but some of us (me) don’t have the option of waiting. Gotta take the moments when they come your way. Certainly less than ideal I know.
    The poor fucker don’t know it yet, but he’s in for one helluva bloody reunion.

  31. I have put my willy through so much abuse, I can only spooge blood now. So women on the rag are perfect, allowing me to stealthily hide my condition. Facials are especially fun since I like to reenact the prom scene from Carrie.

  32. Soup, I loved your first comment on this post and I wasn’t gonna say it cos I’m starting to sound like some fucking Soup groupie.
    But now you’ve upped the ante, and I have to say the above comment is truly awesome.
    Your way with words knows no bounds.
    Love you.

  33. i have been reading these comment boards for a while now. but soup’s word “vaganus” got me to register. i tip my hat to you sir.

  34. The old lady Flo, from Mandy’s status, is the aunt of Ashley. She was obviously visiting her that week.

    Btw, I like having sex with my girlfriend on her period because she let’s me put it in her butt. We figure that it’s going to be messy either way so I might as well go for the gold.

    It also keeps infidelity to a minimum. Instead of me cheating on her with another woman, I just cheat on her vagina with her butthole.

  35. I bet Jack washes his cups in the bathroom with the door locked.

  36. Dizzy_Ballerina

    @ maskedman

    please leave me out of your Ménage à trois …. seriously TMI

  37. This is why I wear a mask.

  38. ^FTW

  39. haha i just put jacks status as my facebook and myspace status! too good to pass up!

  40. lol

  41. I don’t get people like Sadie. Why post a status about your dump?

  42. I also fail to understand why no one knows what poon means. Yes it’s a mildly amusing play on words, I loved Mulan as a child, but really, has no one seen Ali G: In Da House? Punani is mentioned more times than I care to count.

  43. Poor sadie – she clearly has an issue with her toilet encounters and for that i feel for her!!
    Lets not judge and lets love!!
    LMAO – Fraser stop facebook raping your girlfriend! Sadie is a perfect lady ive had the pleasure of a 10 year friendship from her stinkie ass – felt i needed to fight her corner!

  44. sadie needs to learn to keep her shit to herself. the joke about the cup wasnt bad.

  45. I wish I could add Jack as a friend to just read those status updates lmao its so funny!

  46. Okay jus puttin it out there since people don’t seem to get it – period is better because its swollen, so its tighter, and the blood is thicker than the wetness so there is more friction hence it feels better. dry is bad but superlubed is almost as bad.

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