Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Classy Occasions

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  1. Hello 🙂

  2. I’ve tried to get 2 comments through, and I’m not sure why they’re not letting them past?

  3. Tried saying the same thing in different ways, and still no luck.

    I’ve been black listed.

    I guess it was inevitable.

  4. I fail to see the big problem with #1, except that the photographer should have taken two steps left before snapping the photo.

  5. The dude in the first picture looks like he’s going to turn and swallow that girl’s head in one bite at any moment. Creepy.

  6. Who are the jerks that only presented 6-packs???? It’s their wedding, spring for a 24!!!

  7. JesusOnADinosaur

    Jen, really? My faith in humanity has now faded completely.

  8. I’m guessing since the title is “classy occasions,” they are saying the trailer in the background of the first pic prevented it from being the classy prom picture they had in mind.

  9. JesusOnADinosaur

    I think the “problem” with the first pic is the trailer behind them.

  10. wow. I REALLY want to know what’s in the giant garbage bag ‘present’ in pic #3….

  11. I’m seeing you, Word, no worries.

  12. That’s a lot of beer to start your new life off with, but it makes sense. I think everyone should get a sufficient amount of alcohol when taking those final steps into ball & chain land.

  13. Chewbacca shagger

    Their friends cant think too highly of them, they only gave lite beer! Tight arses cant even spring for a box of full strength brews.
    I bet that dress in the first one was a shredded mess at the end of the night after frodo got through with it.

  14. Tigerlillies244

    There is a Miller Lite commercial out right now where the groom registers for a bunch of Miller Lite for the wedding and then at the wedding, Miller Lite is all over the table with the presents – so I’m sure this is just a joke or someone playing a prank.

  15. Toadette is the winner

    so the first one’s lame just because there’s a trailer in the background? ugh…despite the phrase “trailer trash,” not everyone who lives in a trailer is trashy. come on people.

  16. Hell, I would have loved it if everyone sent me beer for my wedding. I would not have sent thank you notes to the cheapskates who sent me Miller Lite though. Craft beers only, jerks.

  17. Come on. That is not a lot of Miller Lite. Me and my sister would get through that watching an episode of Glee.

  18. Eh. So they’re a bit poorer than us, we should laugh at them? The first one they might not even BE ‘lower class’ or whatever. They’re just stood near a caravan…

  19. Mmm, I would have appreciated hard liquor more. I don’t see any vodka or whiskey up there. Not even some tequila. In fact this is probably the wedding of the people who live in the trailer in pic one. Bud Lite, that’s just mean.

  20. Jen, you and your uteral cavity are in for a world of fun in 9 months time….and you deserve every second of it.

    @ Sensible Madness, I agree, beer is a much better present that the standard ‘salad bowl’ or 500 fucking toasters….come on people….newly wed’s just want to have sex everywhere they can, in any position possible….alcohol helps!

    For the record, I think there is a dead horses head in the large plastic bag….it just makes sense.

  21. ..so do any of you’s have a life ?

  22. msjessiemeghan

    Those are camping trailers…arn’t they? I mean, it’s on a lake with a dock and in the woods. Trailers are for camping, not living! After my prom we went to my dates cabin on a lake in the woods…maybe these folks are doing something similar?

    The others posts…yes, trashy.

  23. Eh, #1 isn’t lame, just badly cropped. I wouldn’t have wanted it in my prom pic, but I used to own a camping trailer just like that one. It beats the hell out of staying in a tent. Your own portable running water, heat, and bear protection FTW!

    And #2 already looks to be more fun than 90% of the weddings I have attended!

  24. I see you, wordy! You’re probably just being blocked for being a pervert. ;D

  25. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @Leequette, is that just because you need to be completely inebriated to watch Glee?

    I’ve got it! The Glee drinking game:

    -Drink every time the show makes you feel suicidal.

  26. I hope when I get married they bring beer! How amazing is that! That’s not trashy, that’s some super considerate friends/family! (Note: Yuengling please!)

  27. @dietpillpyramidscheme
    That’s an awesome, and effective game, seeing as you’ll probably die from alcohol poisoning by the end of it.

    On another note, I may have had a tad much. I didn’t quite make out the difference between the first picture and Jen’s comment right away and thought it was Jen commenting on her own picture. It makes it far funnier that way though, and I thought that trailer in the back was where her vag got demolished by shark boy.

    For my wedding, I will specifically ask for a variety of beer and liquor to get us started on our new life. Drunk. Maybe one toaster just so it feels normal.

  28. nuff, and you always need a toaster, good choice! Enjoy your variety! I’ll cheers you with my yuengling.

  29. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @Nuff, I disagree. I think that the drunker you got, the more fun it would become, thus, you would decrease your intake of alcohol as you went.

    On a side note: The Mighty Boosh drinking game is awesome. That show becomes even funnier, the drunker you become.
    I must have laughed for 5 minutes at “Camden leisure pirate”.

  30. rebarbativebecc

    Don’t really get the first one, they’re at a nice location there just HAPPENS to be a caravan its not like it’s a trailer park.

  31. How weird… some of you guys saw my comments and others didn’t.

    They’ve removed them completely now, and I’m telling you, they were so innocuous, and very much along the lines other people’s comments.

    No ugly curse words, no reference to anything I know would get moderated.

    I’m in some lamebook parallel universe.


  32. @wordpervert

    I can see your comments, I think. Whatever, your name is up at the top a couple times. I didn’t know Lamebook moderated posts. Good to know for the future. I do recall someone else having their posts not show up awhile back too, or they couldn’t see them at least, most members still saw them. Some sort of weird Lacebook glitch.

  33. themilkmans_son

    Its true friends that give beer as presents at a wedding. some brides are only pretty with beer goggles on – his friends probably realize this and want the ceremony to last long enough so they can raid the free bar for the real hard stuff. Classy and smart!

  34. Paranoid Android

    Sneering cynicism – Check
    Inverted snobbery – Check
    Random comments with no relevance to subject matter – Check
    wordpervert’s sexually explicit observations – Not Check

    C’mon lamebook, sort it out, I need my fix.

  35. lol

  36. People with trailers shouldn’t be allowed to go to proms! lol @ poor people!

  37. That’s not a trailer home, it’s a small camper, like the kind you see being pulled by a car or truck when somebody is going on vacation. You all really need to get out more. 😛

  38. My only comment re: the prom pic is the fact if you’re going to go out and do photos, go somewhere that doesn’t look like a pack of Golden Retrievers has been pissing for the last three years. Good lord, I’ve seen 13 year olds whose bears are less patchy.

  39. Lol the prom picture makes me laugh SO hard.

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  40. I’m surprised only one person has mentioned #2. Really, fellow Lamebook-ers? I’m disappointed
    That is a messed up thing to post on FB lol, especially, addressed to your own mom lol.

  41. Why is that first picture here? The only explanation I can come up with is the trailer in the background, and that would be a very stupid reason.

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