Friday, February 10, 2012

Excuses, Excuses…

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  1. Fuck ytmutation.. Jurassic Park is on. I can’t be bothered with this “white mutant” bullshit.

  2. @beatusmongous- I got the peanut butter joke. And yeaaa, raping a store? Not very believable. @hotapples92- Glad that you enjoyed this retarded ass argument which ytmutation CLEARLY lost. Too bad you couldn’t enjoy it with us. Kinda made us all feel like family for a minute. Not like the brady bunch.. more like a degenerate fucked up family. @MsAnne- I still wanna see this fuckin’ mugshot.

  3. Could someone hack ytmut’s puter already and confiscate his internet privileges?

  4. I dunno. I thought we got pretty good value for money out of him. And i learned so much, too. here was me thinking that white people are awesome – like angels without wings, really. Apparently people are shit. Who knew, eh?

  5. Ha! Look at the mutants licking their wounds.

    “Could someone hack ytmut’s puter already and confiscate his internet privileges?”-“Bacchante February 14th, 2012 at 12:21 am

    Ha! Hacking is a crime mutant. Regain your composure. I know you are hurting, but is it that serious? Ha! Ha! Ha!

  6. ^^ I for one, would like to take a cactus, or several, known as cacti, and place each one, slowly up your anus.
    I don’t really know what sort of capacity an anus has/can hold, though I imagine yours is slightly larger than average. But I think that with a little persuasion, we could get several hundred up yours. Granted – you’d have passed out/died by the 17th or 18th, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t enjoy the following procession of shit and blood that would slowly flow from every orifice of your body. On the plus, you’ve created a wicked thread. Thank you for that.

  7. Yuck! I told you guys how sick mutants are. Who else but a mutant would think of something like this. Sicko!

  8. wounds? you think your heroic levels of copypasta is somehow damaging?


  9. ytmutant, you fuckin’ gumby. Of course hacking is illegal. But then again, so is racial vilification.

    What can I say? I’m a humanist, and silencing your drivel would be for the greater good.

  10. if you’ve already crossed the line into ‘illegal’ territory, just take him out with a headshot. why fuck around?

  11. Oh, you mean like the DC Sniper did?

  12. Meh, I don’t need him killed, just not in my vicinity. And that happens to include MY internet.

    He can fuck off back to whitewatch if he wants to, but the spamming and trolling here is bringing me down.

    Plus, to get his locale, I would also need someone with the skills to hack him and pinpoint him. Any takers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  13. hah! now there was a racist prick.

    see the difference, ytmut? real, actual racism is where southern trees bear strange fruit, some big black buck gets dragged to his death behind a pickup truck full of yammering white trash, and the POTUS is caucasian.

    Sarcasm, irony, jokes and abuse on a computer screen is NOT FUCKING RACISM.
    no matter how hard you try to make it so.

  14. ^I meant the DC sniper, not Bueller – although he didn’t have a whole lot of black chums, did he?
    man, my timing is fucked up today.

  15. Yeah, those bloody time-saving “Open in New Tab” options!! I get distracted and fuck up the order of the thread half the time.

  16. Ha! So sad. Mutants will do anything do get their way. Even calling for a person to get hacked and/or sniped. Oh no, I better save these screenshots for proof.


  17. I know what you mean, Bacchante, I wish internet forums had some fancy coding that let you have a ‘reply to this comment’ option.

    then folk wouldn’t have to scroll through all the terrible trolling. imagine the lack of bitching?

  18. WordPress sucks dick. Give me some fucking nesting, dammit!

  19. What the hell? I didn’t capitalise the P in WordPress… Sneaky fuckers.

  20. You do know that the DC Sniper was a couple of black dudes, right? They didn’t target any particular race, though, but they killed 11 people and wounded many others before they were caught.

  21. ^yeah, they were black, and I wouldn’t completely dismiss a racism-based content for their killing spree. It was whitey who held the brothers down and made them what they are, you know.

  22. not content, I meant motive. Those words aren’t even close to similar.

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