Monday, July 30, 2012


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  1. Unless you’re rather tall, the old man washed his hands in the urinal.

  2. Fake

  3. It wasnt a sink. It was just Lamebook.

  4. Fake Terminators should be pissed on.

  5. I wonder if the man next to him proudly gave Douglas a good ol’ haus-u-fada.

  6. Normally, I’d like to see T-1000 gutted on a pike. But this time I have to agree with him. This is so very fake.

  7. Fake. Shut up fake TI000.

  8. Douglas? A question for you.
    Why would you call the old man ‘nice’? he came up and washed his hands RIGHT next to you when you were urinating into a trough. the rules of gentlemen’s toilet etiquette are quite clear on this, and it’s simply not on.

  9. ^ Really? I’ve been told that it’s fine, so long as you follow “the script”:

    Pisser 1: “How’s it going, mate, alright?”
    Pisser 2: “Good, mate, yourself?”

    And if there’s more than 1 Pisser already at the trough:

    Pisser ≥ 3: “Popular place, this.”
    Pissers 1 & 2: *grunts*

  10. What’s proper etiquette for sharing a urinal when its overcrowded in there? Do you just jump right in catch ’em by surprise and risk getting pissed on or do you ask permission?

  11. apparently you just piss in the sink.

  12. ^ Ha!

    Fuck etiquette, Capn. If I only had a dick:

  13. eh, fuck, here, just for that you can borrow mine! Just spray some cheap polish on there when you’re done wit’ it. Capn’s gotta shine…even if it is at the public urinals!

  14. ^ Deal. I’ll even rub some Pledge Wood Magic into that fucker when I’m finished with it.

  15. ^ I recommend coating it with Thompson’s Water Seal before you use it, because its probably going to end up very wet.

  16. This is turning into another one of them circle jerk threads, eh?

  17. I recommend throwing it on fire. this winter has been cold and firewood is really expensive here.

  18. The height difference between a urinal and the sink is pretty substantial, I’d like to know how that worked out. Also, he must have noticed something pissing in the sink and hitting the little bottles of soap.

    BTW, Bacchante: loved that link! 🙂

  19. gay toilet

  20. Yeah, we don’t need it getting all waterlogged ‘n shit! Ms, why you always try’n to inflict pain on me, you know it just turns me on. And besides, pissing in a sink ain’t that hard, even if you’re short, unless you got a really small cock just lay that bitch on the ledge and tilt it down, make sure to wash up, though, don’t know who else ‘s been laying their dick on them countertops!


  22. Don’t be so sure of yourself. There’s a special place in hell just for commenters who call out fake all the time on lamebook, ya know!

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